FeaturedCincinnati Beer Release Roundup – October, 2018

It’s officially fall – there isn’t any escaping that now, which means that yes, while I am going to miss the warmth of Summer sunshine, we are going to be diving headfirst into my favorite drinking season, now.  Octoberfests are filling my fridge, and will soon start making way for some delicous pumpkin beers alongside

Rivertown, The Rumor Mill, And Why It’s All Changing

Almost simultaneously this morning my phone started freaking out from all of the messages I was getting.  My message app, my Twitter DMs, my texts and my email inbox were all filled with one topic.  Rivertown.  There were people curious, asking me if I knew anything about what was happening. There were people telling me

It’s Good To Be King – Especially When You’re Celebrating Your 60th Anniversary!

I love Little Kings, and not in an ironic “my Grandpa drank this” way, either.  I love Little Kings because they are delicious, little green bottles of happiness.  The beer has been around now for 60 years, and Christian Moerlein is planning a bunch of events not just help us Little King geeks celebrate our