Christian Moerlein Strawberry Pig

Strawberry Pig CanBrewery- Christian Moerlein
Beer- Strawberry Pig
ABV- 4.9%
IBU- 15

Each spring, we honor Cincinnati’s historical nickname by brewing a small batch of our favorite cream ale recipe, affectionately named “The Pig”. In 2014, we decided to age The Pig with a strawberry infusion. The resulting beer was so fantastic, we knew we had to share it with beer drinkers everywhere! Strawberry pig has a refreshingly light body and fruity finish that pairs particularly well with people, parties and the thaw of spring.


This is a wonderful summer or spring drinker.  The light bodied cream ale is easy to drink all day long, and it’s flavor reminds me of strawberries and cream “surprise!” – this beer tastes like a sweet dessert, and that’s exactly what it should taste like.

Although this is a limited release, it’s worth it to pick up a couple six packs of to have in your fridge for one of those hot sticky summer afternoons, when you just need a little sweet pick-me-up after mowing the lawn or while you’re grilling out.





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