Taft’s Ale House Cherrywood Amber

Taft's Cherrywood AmberBrewery- Taft’s Ale House
Beer- Cherrywood Amber
ABV- 6%
IBU- 23

American amber ale brewed with a touch of cherrywood smoked malt. Smooth and sultry.

This isn’t what you expect when someone tells you this is a smoked amber ale.  This is an amber through and through that just happens to use a slight cherrywood smoke flavor to push it beyond ordinary.

One of my favorite beers that I have tried in a while, this sits very nice on the palate with food, the smoke provides a perfect compliment to the slight sweetness that the beer’s malt profile provides. I can’t help my mouth from watering when I think of this with some barbecue chicken.

This beer has a coveted spot in my refrigerator for the fall weather, it’s light enough body makes it work in a warmer sunshine, and it’s sweet smoke makes it perfect for those chilly nights.  If you really want a great pairing, try it with a sweet creamy cigar on the patio…it’ll blow you away.

Just awesome!Taft's Cherrywood Amber




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