Great Crescent Celebrates 9 Years

There aren’t a lot of craft breweries here in Greater Cincinnati that can claim to have been chugging along for 9 years.  Great Crescent is putting themselves on that list alongside Rock Bottom, Hofbrauhaus, Mt. Carmel and Listermann this month, and they’re throwing a celebration with some great beers to mark it.

If you haven’t been out to Great Crescent in Aurora yet (I’m looking at you…) this might be the perfect excuse for you to venture on out.  The brewery has certainly evolved as the years have passed, starting on a nano system, moving up to a 10bbl, distributing their beer across the state line, and pulling it back again… but the one constant has always been an amazing experience in their taproom, with some really great people who do this because they love their community.

So… what’s happening to mark this anniversary on 11/11/17? Let’s talk beer.

What’s On Tap?

The brewery made sure to stash away some of their special beers that they’ve crafted in the last year, for one last go-around.  You can find these goodies:

  • Altered Space Monkey
  • Gaff Bros Legacy – Industrious Stout aged in Jack Daniels Barrels
  • Gaff Bros Legacy – Indiana Chocolate Brown Ale aged in 95% Rye Whiskey Barrels

Of course, they are also going to be pouring their IN Orbit India(na) pale ale.  If you missed the post about this from September, you might want to pay attention.  The brewery crafted this with hops gathered from 7 different hops farms from around the state.  They used this blend of hops to create a unique flavor experience that showcases the the terroir of Indiana.  This blend of hops included Chinook, Tacoma, Nugget, Michigan Copper, Cascade and Pacific Gem.

The Gaff Brothers Legacy Beers

If you saw the two beers mentioned above that are part of the Gaff Brothers Legacy series – I think I need to dig into that a little bit.  This is series that Great Crescent has crafted to help benefit the Crescent Brewery Caverns Park in Aurora.  The folks out at MGP Lawrenceburg hooked Great Crescent up with some killer barrels.  Both of these will see packaging, in a really limited sense of the word.  The first of the two (the industrious stout) was put into special 32oz bottles – if you’re interested in getting your hands on some of these you need ot shoot an email to Dan at Great Crescent to get ‘em (

If you aren’t aware of the mastery that is the barrel aging program out at Great Crescent, I’ll put whatever ounce of reputation I’ve got on this… these beers are going to be worth snagging.  Dan is a brilliant brewer, especially when it comes to his barrel aged beers.



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