Listermann Collaborates With Father Kyle Schnippel On Cinnamon Roll Stout

I don’t know much about ABC’s ‘Great American Baking Show’ – but this release just might have gotten my interest up to the point that I’ll give it a watch to support Father Kyle Schnippel in his appearance on the show.

Father Kyle is the Pastor of St. Jon Neumann and Corpus Christi – he’s also a loyal hombres shop customer at Listermann, and recently officiated the wedding of Listermann’s General Manager Jason Brewer.  Right before their wedding, Father Kyle told Jason about his upcoming appearance on the show, and Jason told him hat upon his returning, he’d have to bring something that the team could “throw in a beer”.  So he did.

About The Beer

The beer is inspired from one of the recipes that Fr. Kyle made on the show, cinnamon rolls.  In fun Listermann fashion, the brew day wasn’t complete until homemade cinnamon rolls were added straight to the mash.  At the end of the day we are left with ‘Father Kyle’s Cinnamon Roll Stout’ – a 6.1% ABV Stout with Vanilla, Cinnamon, and some other natural flavors.

The Tapping, and Release

If you are like me, and currently have some saliva glands kicking into high gear thinking about this beer, you might want to go ahead a make a note about this now.  The beer will be tapped, as well as released in 12oz bottles in the Listermann taproom on December 6th at 12pm.

It’s all right in time for you to settle down on your couch with a batch of cinnamon rolls and a few bottles of this to watch Father Kyle appear on ABC on Thursday, December 7th at 8pm.



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