MadTree’s Sensorium Series

The teasing and hints about what this taproom only series of MadTree might be are finally letting up and we’re getting a glimpse at how MadTree is going to turn the idea of a dual beer release on its head.  The brewery doesn’t like to just do things for the sake of doing things, and that’s clear with this plan.  You can tell that when the idea of doing a taproom-only series was being thought up, they put some real time and energy into making sure it was something that you aren’t seeing anywhere else in town currently.

What’s The Series All About?

On the surface the series is a simple concept.  It’s two new four packs of 16oz cans released each quarter in very small batch, limited quantities exclusively in the MadTree taproom.  The brewing team was given what the brewery is calling “blank checks and complete freedom to let their imaginations and theirs for ingredients run wild”.  That’s the simple part.

Here’s where it gets fun.

Each release in the series will have an IPA side by side in four packs with four packs of a Berliner Weisse.  The series is aimed at exploring the five faculties of sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste.  You can expect over the top fruits and taste bud tingling flavors from these.  Each release centers around psychological personalities that relate to specific color patterns which also illustrate the dominant fruit flavors in each beer.

Yeah… this is cool shit.

Release 1 – Heroes & Voyagers

First up in the Sensorium Series, Heroes & Voyagers centers around yellows, oranges and reds with pronounced citrus, orange, stone fruit, peach and apricot flavors.  The beers are said to be bold and brash with a sense of ego and ‘alpha’ personalities that carve a path for the releases that will follow.


Heroes is a Double Dry-Hopped and Unfiltered IPA.  The brewery’s tasting notes are as follows:

All the juicy fruity hops with none of the harsh, lingering bitterness.  With a hazy, orange color, Heroes is an easy drinking IPA exploding with notes of citrus and stone fruit in every sip.

Malts used in this beer are: 2-Row, Oats, Red Wheat, Caramel 40L, Carapils.  The more than 4lbs per barrel of hops include: Citra, Mandarina Bavaria, and Idaho 7.  Conan yeast wraps up the recipe.


This Berliner Weisse’s tasting profile according to the brewery:

Like biting into a fresh, juicy peach, this Berliner-Weisse is bursting with flavor.  Pouring a pale straw color, this gorgeous beer still packs a punch finishing with a clean palette puckering tartness.

They used Pilsen, White wheat and Carapils malts, and Summer and Mosaic hops.  The fruit added to the beer is where this one gets it’s bold flavors from, with 420lbs of real peach puree and 420lbs of Real Apricot puree.  The beer was inoculated with Lactobacillus delbrueckii during the kettle souring process, and then it was fermented with American Ale yeast.

The beers will be available in the MadTree taproom exclusively, with none headed out to distribution starting at 10am on Saturday, April 28th.  There are going to be approximately 100 cases of each beer, packaged in four packs of 16oz cans for $17.50 a piece, and they’re going to announce limits shortly before the release date.  In addition, the brewery has teamed up with local non-profit Neusole Glassworks to create 50 handmade custom glasses to pair with the beers, and those will also be available on release day for $10 a piece.  The glass blowers from Neusole will be on site demonstrating glass-blowing techniques and artistry, and a portion of the sales of all four packs will get donated to the non-profit.



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