About The Gnome

GNARLYI have a confession to make.  I’m not actually a gnome.  I’m not even as gnome-like as you’d probably like me to be.  I consider myself a semi-anonymous blogger because if you’re determined…it’s not even really all that hard to figure out who I am… hell… offer to buy me a beer and I’ll gladly come up and introduce myself.

So why?

This blog isn’t about me…not even in the slightest.  You might catch a glimmer of my opinions here and there, but this blog is 100% about Cincinnati’s beer scene… her breweries… her brewers… her beers.  I upset people because of that, so I will apologize before anything else, and tell you that yes, I am a cheerleader for Cincinnati Beer.  Sure… I’m a bit of suck up to Cincinnati.  And no… if I don’t personally like a beer, you’re not going to read about it here, because always remember.  It’s not about me…it’s about Cincinnati Beer.

I work on a podcast called CincyBrewCast, where I try to keep bringing everything back to the city I love… you could listen to that on iTunes – or go to www.CincyBrewCast.com

What Is A “Cincinnati Brewery” Anyways?

Look….this is all a little relative, isn’t it? I’ve been sort of making this all up as I go along, but my current thought is that if a brewery is within 40 miles of downtown Cincinnati…I’ll consider it a local CIncinnati brewery.  This throws out a some really great places that I feel are Dayton breweries and includes some that a lot of people would consider their own entities, and not part of any city’s “beer scene”.  If you ever have a question, youcan look here on the blog, if it’s featured… it’s Cincinnati.

If It Means Something…

When I first started this blog, the idea of accolades didn’t mean anything.  I’m not sure if it does still.  I don’t know when these “listy” websites put out their lists, if it means much for any real traffic to my website, or if it means anything to you guys, as my readers.  But those days when people shit on me for how I do things… when people call me names, and tell me that I’m useless – it brings a smile to my face to see that there are people who get what I’m doing.  Thanks to all the places that have recognized this blog as something special – it’s pretty special to me too.

Thank you all.


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