Rhinegeist Is Prepping For A Sour Series – The Outer Reaches Sour Ales

Rhinegeist had dabbled in the sour game a little bit with a few great kettle sours.  Peach Dodo is delicious, and a clear hit.  Their ‘Press Tart’ collaboration with 16 bit has been a huge favorite too, with it rumored to be making its way into cans soon as well.  But there is a realm […]

Volume 3 – Episode 28 – DogBerry. Cans, Haze, And Staying The Same

It’s been way too long since I’ve done a show at West Chester’s DogBerry Brewing Company.  This brewery has been a fun one to watch over the last year, as they’ve grown from being a nano brewery into a neighborhood gathering spot, pumping out 20 unique taps from their shiny new 10bbl brewhouse, and they’re […]

The 2018 Cincinnati Bock Beer Roundup

Ahhhhh… Bock season in Cincinnati.  There are few things that let me know that spring is on its way better than the smell of cold bock beer and sausage in the morning.  Although bockfest itself deserves mention in a post about Bock Beer, this is serving a much bigger purpose than just telling you about […]

DogBerry – Growth, Cans, and staying the same.

Our little DogBerry.  I can’t believe how much you’ve grown, and you’ve managed to change so much while staying exactly the same.  If you don’t know the West Chester, Ohio brewery that I’m talking about this story will just be the same old “Brewery begins canning” story.  I promise you that it’s so much more, […]

Rhinegeist Stryker, Even More Rhinegeist Canning News

I know you, craft beer drinker.  Say what you will when you’re sitting with your buddies drinking your barrel aged sours, you still love your IPAs.  You still really love those Imperial IPAs too, don’t you?  Stryker is a really good one if I’m onto what you like to drink with this statement… and the […]

Is Hudy Amber Returning To Shelves?

When Christian Moerlein changed things up in 2015 by replacing Hudepohl Amber Lager with their new Hudy Pure Lager, it was a smart move.  When you look at it on paper, it makes perfect sense.  The brewery wanted to bring the brewing of Amber Lager back to Cincinnati, and in the process the question was […]

Volume 3 – Episode 28 – Long Slumber At Municipal Brew Works

We hadn’t been out to Hamilton Ohio’s Municipal Brew Works to chat with them since the week they opened their doors back in 2016, which meant I needed to find a good excuse to make this show happen.  Luckily for me (and you) they’ve got their second bottle release coming up, a release of a […]

Braxton Labs Peach Berliner Set For Bottle Release

I think Braxton and Braxton labs are making it clear that they’re really into the Berliner Weisse style of beer.  From Yesterday’s Headlines Volume 1 to Summertrip and now a series of fruited Berliner’s out of Braxton Labs, they’re hitting the style pretty heavily, and that’s a really good thing. The Berliner love is rolling […]

Christian Moerlein’s Super Firkin Saturday Returns

How better to spend a Saturday afternoon than drinking a cold beer or two?  The only way I know to make it better is to do it in a taproom.  Christian Moerlein has devised a great plan to get you in theirs this weekend for a beer or three, and you might remember it from […]

Did You Enjoy Press Tart? Maybe You’d Enjoy It Canned?

Press Tart snuck in there this summer as a real surprise hit from Rhinegeist (for me at least).  Their collaboration with 16 Bit Arcade and Bar is a really delicious Berliner style Weisse beer with passion fruit.  I get the impression that a lot of you guys liked it too, not just judging from the […]

They’re Still Not Done: A New Christian Moerlein Can

I love lagers.  Not that they are “better” than the ales that got me into craft beer in the first place, but there is still something about an easy drinking, smooth beer that provides a solid thirst quenching glass of refreshment.  I keep hoping that we’re going to get a brewery that opens to focus […]

West Side Brewing Looks Toward Kentucky, and Cans

Have you been to West Side Brewing, yet?  First off, if the answer is ‘No’, you need to clear your immediate schedule and make sure that you plan a day to head out to their Westwood taproom with a few friends.  While its pretty awesome to snag local beer at whatever your favorite watering hole […]