Fifty West Cans, Distribution, A New Generation

It’s an exciting time for anyone who has been drinking craft beer in Cincinnati for a while.  The more that I think about it, actually, it’s an exciting time for anyone who drinks beer in Cincinnati, period.  For those of you who have found places around town that you call your “spot”, that you frequent […]

I Hope You Like NE IPAs, Moerlein Has A Big, Hazy One Coming…

If there’s anything that shows just how powerful ‘IPA’ is as a style, it’s the number of beer styles that have sprung up “off of” the traditional IPA style.  The latest in the trend seems to clearly be NE IPAs.  Love them or hate them, they’re hear to stay.  The style is also clearly here […]

Santa’s Bribe Gets Label Approval

It’s never too early for Christmas presents – or to start thinking about Christmas beers I don’t think – when this rolled through my inbox a while back I just couldn’t hold back for too long.  This beer was really good last year and the thought of it making it’s way into cans got me […]

Bircus Brews Up An Exclusive Collaboration For Amerasia’s 9th Birthday

The lack of a taproom is making it tough for Cincinnati to get their proper taste of what Ludlow’s Bircus is all about – especially considering how much of who Bircus really is lies in their taproom, and the experience that it will bring.  That’s not stopping the brewery from kicking things into gear this […]

Urban Artifact And Flavorings – Tricorne

I didn’t put up a post about the Urban Artifact and Sam Adams collaboration yet, because every time I get something written, it keeps shifting more and more away from the topic that started the post in the first place.  It was originally about the collaboration between the two breweries that has been a long […]

Alexandria Brewing Company Finally Moves In

Brewery projects never happen as quickly as you think (or want) them to happen, but I’m not sure that there’s been one here in Cincinnati that has taken as long as Alexandria Brewing Company.  It seems like Alexandria’s owner, Andy Reynolds, has had every obstacle thrown in his way at this point (knock on wood), […]

Urban Artifact’s Rabbit Hash Collaboration

Urban Artifact is known for doing things out of the ordinary, not following the “normal” trends.  They are known to be a little different, you know… weird.  When you start to think about it, it only makes sense that they’d partner up with the Rabbit Hash General Store for a beer. About The Rabbit Hash […]

Salted Carm-Ale – Rivertown Teams Back Up With The Cure Starts Now

I love when a happy surprise slides into my inbox, or across my desk.  When Rivertown announced this beer back in September I wasn’t expecting it which made it that much sweeter.  The news of it only gets better when you start to dig in! Collaborating With The Cure Starts Now Charity and craft beer […]

Figleaf’s First Anniversary Party

It’s been a year, folks!  Figleaf Brewing company has been working their butts off to help bridge that gap between Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio to turn our craft beer scene into something spectacular.  I think it’s about time that we venture up to the great white north of lower Middletown to show them our support! […]

The Great 2017 Cincinnati Fall and Pumpkin Beer Roundup

It’s that time of year, when the fridges, flight trays and pint glasses of drinkers all across Cincinnati start to take on a life of their own – it’s pumpkin season.  I have heard some mumbling and grumbling that this year there aren’t as many of these seasonal favorites making their way out of our […]

What’s This? Another MadTree Can?

No Comment… No Comment, No Comment, No Comment.  I feel like that’s all I’m hearing this week.  Eh, it’s ok, though.  This one doesn’t need a comment for me to get a little bit excited about it.  As a drinker who isn’t a huge fan (compared to other styles, relax) of IPAs, what I am […]

I Think It’s Time That I Talk About Woodburn

There are a ton of different things that happen when you start blogging about the craft beer community in a city like Cincinnati.  This beer scene is packed full of really fantastic people, that in my opinion are the ones that make it what it is.  There are people who become close friends, and then […]