Blank Slate Beer

Blank Slate Tasting Notes

I’m sure Scott LaFollette, the owner and brewer at Blank Slate got really tired of people asking him when he was going to start releasing packaged beer.  I’ve heard time and time again from people that Blank Slate Beer is someone’s favorite in Cincinnati, so I can only imagine how many times that question has been posed to him over the years.

Although that he had done a few collaborations with local breweries in the past which saw some bomber releases, when he finished his expansion in late 2015 the ability to release some limited can runs finally became a possibility.  Here’s to hoping that it only get’s bigger from here on out!

Core Can Series

Seasonal Can Series

Large Format Bottles

  • Ryesing Up (Coming Soon)
  • Shroominous (Coming Soon)

Collaboration Beers

  • Determination (with Triple Digit)
  • Fruition (with Triple Digit)
  • Guns and Gose’s (with Quaff Brothers)
  • Many Hands Make For Light Work (Cincinnati Beer Week 2017)
  • Peppermint Stout (with Quaff Brothers)
  • Quaffanator (with Quaff Brothers)
  • Roots (with Listermann)
  • Savage Blank (with Quaff Brothers)
  • Space Taxi #21 (with Quaff Brothers)