Urban Artifact Beer

If you’re looking for Urban Artifact beer, look no farther than the shelf at your local bottle shop.  They have cans that feature core beers, and seasonals as well as bottled releases of their barrel aged beers.  The brewery focuses on wild, and tart beer, so if something on that end of the spectrum is what your looking for, give them a go.  Curious about more from each release before you spend your hard earned money on it?  Have no fear… I’ve got Tasting Notes for you!

Perennials Series

Seasonal Goses

  • Chariot – Cherry Gose
  • Keypunch – Key Lime Gose
  • Owler – Tart Brown Ale (Coming Soon)
  • Pickle – Cucumber, Dill Gose
  • Pinwheel – Kumquat Gose
  • Sliderule – Chocolate Raspberry Gose

Urban Legends Series

  • Fire Iron – Midwest Fruit Tart Ale
  • The Gadget – Midwest Fruit Tart Ale
  • Gaslight – Tart NE IPA
  • Hippodrome – Wild DIPA
  • Love Letter – Midwest Fruit Tart Ale
  • Palmistry – Fruited Double Berliner Pale
  • Squeezebox – Midwest Fruit Tart Ale
  • Whirligig – Midwest Fruit Tart Ale

Large Format Bottles

Barrel Aged Series

These are aged on oak with Urban Artifact’s house micro flora culture.

Epicurian Series

These beers are designed to be cooked with, or to go with food.

  • Blueberry Pie – Barrel Aged Midwest Fruit Tart
  • Cherry Pie – Barrel Aged Gose
  • Key Lime Pie – Barrel Aged Key Lime Pie
  • Roasted Shiitake Mushrooms – Barrel Aged Wild Ale
  • Shiitake Wild Ale – Barrel Aged Wild Ale
  • Tiramisu Ale – Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Ale
  • Vanilla Chariot – Barrel Aged Gose
  • Vanilla Keypunch – Barrel Aged Gose
  • Wood Ear Wild Ale – Barrel Aged Wild Ale
  • Wood Ear Mushroom Salad – Barrel Aged Wild Ale


These are the much loved variants of Urban Artifact’s Urban Legends Series.

Collaboration Beers

  • Warmug – Golden Fruited Coffee Sour (With Wolf’s Ridge, Market Garden, and One-Line Coffee, Short North)