Woodbreaker Variant Release
Jan 26 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

WOODBREAKER is our beloved BLACK CHERRY LEMONADE Midwest Fruit Tart. This year we will be canning up four variants and releasing them along with a new Barrel Aged Sour.

\Woodbreaker Variants///
Format: 16 oz single cans
Price: $8.99 per can

–Lemon Cherry Cobbler- Cinnamon, Toasted Oats, and MORE Vanilla Beans

–Cherry Praline- Almonds, Cinnamon, and MORE Vanilla Beans

–Lemon Cherry Sorbet- Fresh Basil and Sea Salt

–Lemon Cherry Milkshake- Lactose and MORE Vanilla Beans

\Barrel Aged Sour Ale///
Format: 500 mL bottle
Price: $13.99 per bottle

–Snake Oil- Barrel Aged Sour Ale with blueberries, oranges, and strawberries

Wild Fire Pizza Kitchen will be opening up early to serve people in line as well as coming up with an incredibly imaginative savory cherry pizza to celebrate the day.

We will also be featuring a Double Black Cherry Parfait for $7.50 per 12 oz pour, a new craft cocktail featuring Woodbreaker, and two Pocket Watch variants on draft.

Line forms on the Turrill St. side of the building. Wildfire will be opening at 10a to start serving everyone waiting in line.

Each variant is $8.99 plus tax per can. Snake Oil is $13.99 plus tax per bottle. Limits will be announced leading up the event.