MadTree Spearheads Taste of Cincinnati Beer Changes

The news about this came out yesterday, but I found it fitting to write about it today, seeing as today is also the official groundbreaking for MadTree 2.0 (Their big, amazing, massive, incredible expansion).  When Brew Professor wrote about the “issues” surrounding last years Taste of Cincinnati beer selection, it was near impossible to predict

Taft’s Ale House/Macaron Bar Collaboration Beer

They’re calling them Over-The-Rhine’s leading flavor artisans, and I’m not sure that I could argue that description if I wanted to (I don’t, by the way).  Kevin Moreland from Taft’s Ale House is teaming up with Patrick Moloughney and Nathan Sivitz from Macaron Bar to create something that sounds freaking delicious. The team is working

Cellar Dweller 4th Anniversary Celebration

It’s hard to believe that Cellar Dweller has been making beer out at Valley Vineyards for four years now, but the craft brewery is celebrating their birthday with a party that will remind all their fans exactly why they’ve fallen in love with the brewery in these last few years.  Get your calendar clear… it’s

Cincy Brewcast Episode 36

Friendsgiving Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  We are thrown in the middle of all the crazy events that kick off the holiday season, but we thought it would only make sense to get together with our friends Jen Clawson and Rick Sanson to talk about beer and food pairings for the holiday.  Cincy Brewcast Episode 35 is