Urban Artifact Keypunch

Brewery – Urban Artifact Beer – Keypunch ABV – 4.3% PH – 3.4 A Gose infused with the juice and zest of fresh key limes.  Light, crisp, key lime pie flavors are the perfect companion for the hot days of summer. If you have yet to drink a few of these beers sitting next to

Braxton Twisted Bit

Brewery – Braxton Brewing Company Beer – Twisted Bit Style – Dortmunder Lager ABV – 5.8% IBUs – 30 This traditional German style lager has the malt profile of a Helles and the hop character of a Pilsner, but is slightly stronger than both. The minute addition of common minerals to the brewing water, and

March First Craft Lager

Brewery – March First Beer – Craft Lager Style – American Lager ABV – 5.1% Clean, Refreshing, Malty – Pours a harvest gold with a frothy white head.  A clean, malty aroma mixes with hints of orange marmalade and citrus.  Notes of bready malts and roasted corn.  Medium bodied and creamy.  Slight malty sweetness gives

MadTree Entropic Theory

Brewery – MadTree Beer – Entropic Theory Style – IPA ABV – 7.5% IBUs – 70 From Chaos Emerges Order. From Fermentation Emerges Beer. This IPA hits you with huge aromas of orange, peach, and apricot as soon as you open the can. The nose is followed by a smooth bitterness and soft mouthfeel as

March First Denali IPA

Brewery – March First Beer – Denali IPA Style – IPA ABV – 6% IBUs – 55 Pours amber with a creamy head. Citrusy, piney, and floral on the nose, while pineapple and notes of honey tantalize the palate. This India Pale Ale makes for a very sessionable beer. Every brewery needs an IPA, even

Braxton Buzz

Brewery – Braxton Brewing Company Beer – Buzz Style – Kolsch ABV – 5.1% IBUs – 24 Bee free. Let the sweet sound of music take control and lift one to life! A crisp, light bodied and slightly sweet balanced beer with subtle peach flavors and hop characters. This tasty twist on a traditional Kölsch

Urban Artifact Flash Lamp

Brewery – Urban Artifact Beer – Flash Lamp Style – Tart White Ale ABV – 5.5% PH – 3.2 A tart white style ale brewed with 30 lbs of Trappist Orange Marmalade, 1.17 lbs of coriander, 5oz of dried Rose Petals, malted barley, flaked oats, and torrified wheat.  A refreshing twist on a classic white

Wooden Cask Seventh Street Runoff

Brewery – Wooden Cask Beer – Seventh Street Runoff Style – English Brown Ale ABV – 5.2% Our Seventh Street Runoff is a Northern English style, light in body ale. This beer does a great job at representing who Wooden Cask aims to be in today’s craft beer world.  The beer is sessionable while still

Urban Artifact Phrenology

Brewery – Urban Artifact Beer – Phrenology Style – Wild IPA ABV – 7.3% IBU – 55 Phrenology is the debunked pseudoscience of determining psychological characteristics by the shape of the skull and facial features. This beer uses a big addition (22lbs) of both Mosaic and 22lbs of Chinook to kick it into a really