Hudepohl Pure Lager

Brewery- Hudepohl Beer- Pure Lager ABV- 5% IBU- 19 Brewed for greatness and aged for smoothness, Hudepohl Pure Lager from “America’s Great Small Brewery” is inspired by the strict standards of the Reinheitsgebot German Purity Law, using only the finest malt, hops, yeast, and water. Like a refreshing taste of what lagers might have been like

Hudepohl – Amber Lager

Brewery- Hudepohl-Schoenling Beer- Amber Lager ABV- 5.2% IBU- 19 Originally brewed to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the Hudepohl Brewing Company, this has become a staple around the city.  I hesitate to call it a “go-to cheap beer”, but that’s what it is.  If you need something cheap that has a bit more flavor to it

Hudy Delight & Hudy 14k

Brewery- Hudepohl Beer- Hudy Delight/ Hudy 14-K There was a time here in Cincinnati that Hudy reined king.  It was the local beer that locals drank.  Today…it’s not so much like that anymore, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be.  Often people will reach for a standard light American lager when they are kicking back around