Listermann Lil Jimmy

Brewery – Listermann Beer – Lil Jimmy Style – NE DIPA ABV – 8.1% NE Double IPA with Citra lupulin powder, Mandarina Bavaria, and Cascade. I think it’s safe to say that Listermann is owning the NE IPA game here in town.  They seem to be trying every hop combination, style variation, or fruited addition

Listermann Bring The Hops

Brewery – Listermann Beer – Bring The Hops Style – NE IPA ABV – 6.6% NE IPA with Zythos, Citra, Galaxy, and Lemondrop. This beer was released on 8/5/17 as part of Listermann Brewing Company’s ‘Hip Hop Series” – released alongside ‘Lil Jimmy”, part of their “Pet Series”.  Much like all their can releases tend

Listermann Riveting Rosie

Brewery – Listermann Beer – Riveting Rosie Style – Saison ABV – 5.4% IBUs – 30 A beer inspired by strong women of Cincinnati, USA. Launched on National women’s day. A crisp refreshing saison with hibiscus and rose hips. Celebrating badass chicks in Cincy! #wecanbrewit This beer, dreamed up by Listermann’s Karenna Brockman, was thought

Listermann Babycat Meowface

Brewery – Listermann Beer – Babycat Meowface Style – NE IPA ABV – 8.1% New England Double IPA brewed with Mosaic, El Dorado, and Centennial with Sauvignon Blanc grape juice added. Listermann is not only putting out some really great NE IPAs here in Cincinnati, they also seem to love to explore every aspect of

Listermann Yoda Potato

Brewery – Listermann Beer – Yoda Potato Style – NE DIPA ABV – 8.4% East coast DIPA with Citra, Lemondrop and El Dorado Released side by side with their ‘Ms. E’ NE IPA on May 6th 2017, this was the first NE IIPA from the team at Listermann.  They loaded the beer up with 5

Listermann Sabotage

Brewery – Listermann Brewing Company Beer – Sabotage Style – NE IPA ABV – 8% Listen all of y’all, it’s a sabotage! Loads of hops, oats, wheat, vanilla, and a sh*t ton of actual strawberries conspired to sabotage the standard idea of IPAs to create a substance that looks something like a milkshake, but smashed

Listermann Ms. E

Brewery – Listermann Brewing Company Beer – Ms. E Style – NE IPA ABV – 7.6% East Coast IPA with Citra and Jarrylo. This member of Listermann’s Hip Hop series of NE IPA can releases sat next to ‘Yoda Potato’ for it’s release day on May 6th of 2017. The beer uses Citra and Jarrylo

Listermann Tricky

Brewery – Listermann Beer – Tricky Style – NE IPA ABV – 6.7% East Coast IPA brewed with Galaxy and Mosaic. This New England Style IPA was paired up with Listermann’s ’99 Problems, But A Beer Ain’t One’ for a can release on April 1st, 2017.  The 16oz pint cans are part of Listermann’s series

Listermann Brewer’s Delight

Brewery – Listermann Beer – Brewer’s Delight Style – NE IPA ABV – 7.1% East Coast IPA brewed with Pineapple, Galaxy, Citra & Zythos! Another fruited version of a NE IPA from Listermann, and another homerun.  This one uses pineapple to bring out all those tropical notes that are already present in the Galaxy, Citra

Listermann No Sleep ‘Til Norwood

Brewery – Listermann Beer – No Sleep ‘Til Norwood Style – NE IPA ABV – 6.8% East Coast IPA brewed with Galaxy, Falconer’s Flight 7C’s, & Motueka! I feel like Listermann can go on for a long time using different varieties of hops, and methods for their series of NE IPAs, and for the third month