Urban Artifact Pocket Watch

Brewery – Urban Artifact Beer – Pocket Watch Style – Midwest Fruit Tart ABV – 8% PH – 3.3 A pocket watch was an important tool during the expansion of the US railroad network in the 19th century.  Be on time; find your pocket watch. This Midwest Fruit Tart has 1,000lbs of Concord Grape, 1000lbs

Urban Artifact Chariot

Brewery – Urban Artifact Beer – Chariot Style – Cherry Gose ABV – 4.7% PH – 3.4 Chariots were the standard mode of transportation for much of ancient Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Africa.  Used by armies, as taxis, and to move farm equipment, they helped build civilization.  Compliment your history with a

Urban Artifact Owler

Brewery – Urban Artifact Beer – Owler Style – Tart Vanilla Brown Ale ABV – 6% PH – 3.7 A blend of roasted malts fermented with 2lbs of vanilla beans per 30 bbl batch. The coveted wood of 1600’s England inspired the practice of owling.  Owlers smuggled sheep on boats to Europe for chic clothing

Urban Artifact Whirligig

Brewery – Urban Artifact Beer – Whirligig Style – Midwest Fruit Tart Ale ABV – 8% PH – 3.5 Whirligig is a Middle English term for a spinning contraption. It is typically referring to a children’s toy, but also applicable to any mechanism that rotates. This Midwest Fruit Tart is brewed with 3,000 lbs of blueberries

Urban Artifact Pickle

Brewery – Urban Artifact Beer – Pickle Style – Gose ABV – 4.3% A Gose brewed with 1,000 lbs. of cucumbers, 2 lbs. of fresh dill, 9 lbs. of sea salt, and 125 lbs. of coriander per 30 BBL batch. – While humans have been pickling food for millennia, the American PICKLE is a cucumber. A

Urban Artifact Keypunch

Brewery – Urban Artifact Beer – Keypunch ABV – 4.3% PH – 3.4 A Gose infused with the juice and zest of fresh key limes.  Light, crisp, key lime pie flavors are the perfect companion for the hot days of summer. If you have yet to drink a few of these beers sitting next to

Urban Artifact Fire Iron

Brewery – Urban Artifact Beer – Fire Iron Style – Midwest Fruit Tart ABV – 7.7% PH – 3.3 Fire Iron is Old West slang for your go-to hand gun.  This Midwest Fruit Tart is brewed with 1500 lbs of Pink Guava, 500lbs banana, 400lbs passion fruit, malted barley and flaked rice. I’m not sure

Urban Artifact Flash Lamp

Brewery – Urban Artifact Beer – Flash Lamp Style – Tart White Ale ABV – 5.5% PH – 3.2 A tart white style ale brewed with 30 lbs of Trappist Orange Marmalade, 1.17 lbs of coriander, 5oz of dried Rose Petals, malted barley, flaked oats, and torrified wheat.  A refreshing twist on a classic white

Urban Artifact Phrenology

Brewery – Urban Artifact Beer – Phrenology Style – Wild IPA ABV – 7.3% IBU – 55 Phrenology is the debunked pseudoscience of determining psychological characteristics by the shape of the skull and facial features. This beer uses a big addition (22lbs) of both Mosaic and 22lbs of Chinook to kick it into a really

Urban Artifact Warmug

Brewery – Urban Artifact Beer – Warmug Style – Golden Fruited Coffee Sour ABV – 7.5% Golden Fruited Coffee Sour Ale. A collaboration with Wolf’s Ridge Brewing, Market Garden Brewery, and One Line Coffee. 1,500 lbs of peaches, 750lbs of passion fruit, 250lbs of plums, and 45lbs of whole natural washed coffee beans blended into