Listermann’s King Studios Anniversary Series

Listermann Brewing company is using the summer of 2018, building up to the 75th anniversary of local King Studios to celebrate not just King Records, but the musicians that made them who they are.  I think you know how they are celebrating too… in the best way Listermann knows, with beer releases!  Each month this

MadTree Brings The Funk Again For 2018

It’s getting close to time for you to help MadTree celebrate their ‘Funk Day’ again for 2018, and they’ve got a few really good reasons announced already (with more to possibly come too!). MadTree uses their celebration every year to break out some of their wildest and most interesting beers for fans of the funk

MadTree’s Sensorium Series

The teasing and hints about what this taproom only series of MadTree might be are finally letting up and we’re getting a glimpse at how MadTree is going to turn the idea of a dual beer release on its head.  The brewery doesn’t like to just do things for the sake of doing things, and

Braxton’s Kentucky Home Returns For Derby Day

I’m starting to realize that it’s just not a proper Kentucky Derby without two things for me: I need my annual bet with my brother.  It’s not a lot of money (it’s actually very little money, but that’s not the point) I need a bottle of Braxton’s Kentucky Home. Don’t tell any of my Kentucky