Newport Is Foaming At The Brim With Corruption

That’s right – you read it correctly – Newport’s very own Wooden Cask Brewing company is gearing up for their next bottle, and their first barrel aged release, Corruption.  I’ve been extremely excited about how they have been doing things down there, and when they invited me down to have a quick sneak peek at

Rhinegeist – Getting Funky For Four Years

I’ve been busy letting you know about new beers this week – and it’s not slowing up yet.  We know that Rhinegeist is talking Funkiness for their fourth anniversary party – we’re now getting a glimpse at the centerpiece of that celebration – and with no surprise, it’s a beer! Quadrafunk With the success of

Braxton is Buzzing With Another New Can

Here they go again… Braxton still isn’t letting up off the packaged beer gas pedal, yet.  They fired out news this morning that they’d be releasing yet another can off their packaging line for the summer, and this one has my house ‘Buzzing’ with excitement. The latest one to be shown is called ‘Buzz’, and

Braxton’s Next Can? Summertrip.

I feel like everytime my brain thinks of a Braxton beer that I’d like in my fridge they announce that it’s going to be hitting the canning line that same afternoon.  They’ve been absolutely tearing it up in the packaging department so far in 2017 (and the rumor is that they still aren’t done with

How About Some Phrenology Bottles?

I feel like I could spend a lot of time just talking about the amazing selection of packaged beer here in Cincinnati (and some weeks I feel like I do) – This last week is one of those weeks, with some really great stuff getting announced, and a few things popping up through the TTB