All About Blank Slate Brewing Company

What Makes Blank Slate Special? Their motto is “Our minds may be empty…our beer is not.”  This in conjunction with their name sums up the brewery very well.  Blank slate starts their beers with no preconceived notions, they make beer that is unique, special and interesting all wrapped up in one pint glass.  They are brewing

Blank Slate Is Closed – Now What?

This one hurts, guys.  Blank Slate is closed and the beer community is stunned. I won’t pretend that Ei8ht Ball didn’t hurt too when they closed their doors, because it did. This one is different though.  Ei8ht Ball closed in a very different way, for very different reasons that Blank Slate did.  Yes, the announcement

Blank Slate Lesser Path

Brewery – Blank Slate Beer – The Lesser Path Style – White IPA ABV – 6.5% IBUs – 70 We’re continuing the “Travelling IPA” series into the spring and summer with this well balanced wheat IPA. A refreshing flavor profile containing two different wheat malts in addition to oats and honey malt meld with copious

Blank Slate’s Next Packaged Releases

If you’re a fan of Blank Slate Brewing company down on Cincinnati’s East End (and I assume you are, because you like good beer) you’ll be happy read about some of this news.  Not only do we have some new labels that have been approved, I’ve also got some great updates on what’s been going on

Blank Slate Fume

Brewery – Blank Slate Beer – Fume Style – Smoked Brown Porter ABV – 5.4% IBUs – 33 There was a time when all dark beers had a smoky flavor. Grains were traditionally roasted over an open flame. Then technology took over. Blank Slate’s Smoked Porter pays homage to those early days. Unlike many traditional smoke

Blank Slate Fork In The Road

Brewery- Blank Slate Beer- Fork In The Road Style- India Style Amber Ale ABV- 6.8% IBU- 70 The first beer in Blank Slate’s “Traveling IPA” series. Autumn is a time of change and mother nature is at a fork in the road as the bright summer gives way to fall’s darker colors. This beer sits

Blank Slate Out And About

Brewery- Blank Slate Beer- Out and About Style- Gose ABV- 5.4% IBU- 26 In Eastern Germany there is an old, nearly forgotten style of wheat beer known as Gose (pronounced “goes-uh”). Traditionally brewed with Coriander and Salt and fermented to produce a slight sourness, this beer has a tart, refreshing finish. Our version uses German

Blank Slate Can Designs… Finally!

I know that the rumors have been flying around for a long time about the fact that Blank Slate is going to be putting their beer into packaging, finally.  But today, well…yesterday actually, was the first chance that we’ve got to get a glimpse at what that packaging is going to look like. More Capacity,