FigLeaf Is Adding Wine, and Cans!

FigLeaf Brewing Company isn’t even yet to their first anniversary, and they’re already poised to knock out a couple of their big goals in the near future.  The brewery which is located almost smack dab in between Cincinnati and Dayton is quickly finding not only ways to make themselves a destination for drinkers from both

Finding Figleaf – Brewing Company, That Is.

It’s all fine and dandy to read about something, as I’m hoping you’ve done with my post from this weekend about FigLeaf – but what if you could hear about a brewery in the words of their owners?  Fear not, reader… you can! This week’s Cincy Brewcast finds me sitting in the FigLeaf taproom talking

Meet Figleaf Brewing

New breweries aren’t just new breweries in a market that’s growing as quickly as ours is here in Cincinnati.  No longer is just making good beer, or just having good marketing, or even just being in the right neighborhood going to cut it when you’re wanting to make a splash. So how does a place