All About Rhinegeist Brewing

What Makes Rhinegeist Special? Ask any person who has been to Rhinegiest about the brewery and the comments are all the same.  The space takes your breath away… it’s amazing the first time that you see it, but I will explain a bit more about that in the next section.  The beer that Rhinegiest brews

Six Words: Cincinnati

I love charity events.  If you know anything about me, and what is really behind this website, you’ll understand that I’ve got a deep rooted belief about what craft beer really is. Craft beer is actually about some things that are much bigger than the liquid that ends up in our glasses at the end

Rhinegeist To Bottle Science Fiction?

I get tired of writing it, and I’m sure you get tired of reading it, but the standard disclaimer has to be thrown into this from the very beginning – Just because a brewery has federal label approval, it doesn’t in turn mean that the stars will align and the brewery will release this.  All

Rhinegeist Astro Dwarf

Brewery – Rhinegeist with Pipeworks Beer – Astro Dwarf Style – Hazy IPA ABV – 6% IBUs – 60 Astro Dwarf, our astronomically awesome Hazy IPA collab with Pipeworks, layers tropical and citrus notes upon an oat and wheat base. Dank with a delightfully soft mouthfeel, this brew may take you to a distant realm…

Rhinegeist Collaborates For A Canned Hazy IPA

Call them whatever you want to call them, North East IPA, New England IPA, Hazy IPA – they’re here to stay, clearly.  On top of that, they’re sort of popular with drinkers these days.  Can releases for NE IPAs in Cincinnati have become a major thing, with Listermann dominating the space (having a release every

Rhinegeist – Getting Funky For Four Years

I’ve been busy letting you know about new beers this week – and it’s not slowing up yet.  We know that Rhinegeist is talking Funkiness for their fourth anniversary party – we’re now getting a glimpse at the centerpiece of that celebration – and with no surprise, it’s a beer! Quadrafunk With the success of

A Tale of Two Bubbles

I think that it’s safe to say that Rhinegeist’s Bubbles is what you might call a “smash hit”.  As soon as they started serving it up around town on draft I immediately started hearing people talk about it, which was a new development for a cider in Cincinnati (for my ears), and one that I

Rhinegeist Hustle

Brewery – Rhinegeist Beer – Hustle Style – Red Lager ABV – 4.8% IBUs – 17 Off at the crack of the bat, spikes dug in, exploding with speed – Hustle breaks the game wide open. This Red Lager digs it out with crisp malt tones and a hop balance finessed like a delicate bunt

Meet A New Rarity – Rhinegeist Maracuja

As the weather starts to warm, our collective drinking habits tend to take a little shift too.  Gone are the loads of big imperial stouts and roasty porters from our beer fridges, and enter in the Lagers, the Goses, and the Berliners.  It’s one of my favorite times of year.  You guys are likely familiar