All About Rhinegeist Brewing

What Makes Rhinegeist Special? Ask any person who has been to Rhinegiest about the brewery and the comments are all the same.  The space takes your breath away… it’s amazing the first time that you see it, but I will explain a bit more about that in the next section.  The beer that Rhinegiest brews

Rhinegeist Hustle Getting Revamped Again?

It looks like Rhinegeist might have a new hustle coming to Cincinnati, and I’m not talking about Weed growing operations, or gondolas that stretch across the expanse of OTR to shuttle drinkers to a park.  I’m talking about my favorite Hustle that they’ve ever tried – a certain Rye Pale Ale that turned into a

Saber Tooth Tiger Is Getting Canned?

You know the beer… you’ve had it plenty of times, I hope.  I can assume you’ve never had it this way, though.  It only makes sense to me that Saber Tooth Tiger would be getting canned (instead of?  In addition to bottled?) because cans are clearly the better vessel for storing and transporting beer.  The

Six Words: Cincinnati

I love charity events.  If you know anything about me, and what is really behind this website, you’ll understand that I’ve got a deep rooted belief about what craft beer really is. Craft beer is actually about some things that are much bigger than the liquid that ends up in our glasses at the end

Rhinegeist To Bottle Science Fiction?

I get tired of writing it, and I’m sure you get tired of reading it, but the standard disclaimer has to be thrown into this from the very beginning – Just because a brewery has federal label approval, it doesn’t in turn mean that the stars will align and the brewery will release this.  All

Rhinegeist Astro Dwarf

Brewery – Rhinegeist with Pipeworks Beer – Astro Dwarf Style – Hazy IPA ABV – 6% IBUs – 60 Astro Dwarf, our astronomically awesome Hazy IPA collab with Pipeworks, layers tropical and citrus notes upon an oat and wheat base. Dank with a delightfully soft mouthfeel, this brew may take you to a distant realm…