What’s Taft’s Next Can?

Taft’s hasn’t released a ton of packaging here in town (yet) due to their restricted size in their brewpub location.  I think that this year you’re going to start seeing a lot more from them as their new Production facility comes on-line, and starts kicking out more beer than you can shake a stick at!

The Return of Taft’s Liquid Advent

I don’t know how closely everyone follows the social media of our local breweries, but Taft’s Ale House let this nugget slip last week – Liquid Advent is coming back!  This is fantastic news, as this beer is one of my favorites from the OTR brewery, and I’ve been patiently waiting for its hopeful return

Problems With The Independent?

From Taft’s Ale House this morning: To our loyal Founding Fathers Members, Guests, and Fans of our beer: It has come to our attention that our release of The Independent, in certain instances, has not lived up to our quality standards.  At this point, we have sent this beer out to a third party laboratory

Taft’s Ale House Culebra Cut

Brewery- Taft’s Ale House Beer- Culebra Cut Coconut Brown Ale Style- Brown Ale with Toasted Coconut ABV- 6.1% IBU- 12 American brown ale infused with toasted coconut. A taste of the tropics. This was such a big hit when it was on tap when Taft’s Ale House opened their doors that they not only brought

Taft’s Ale House/Macaron Bar Collaboration Beer

They’re calling them Over-The-Rhine’s leading flavor artisans, and I’m not sure that I could argue that description if I wanted to (I don’t, by the way).  Kevin Moreland from Taft’s Ale House is teaming up with Patrick Moloughney and Nathan Sivitz from Macaron Bar to create something that sounds freaking delicious. The team is working

Taft’s Ale House Liquid Advent

Brewery- Taft’s Ale House Beer- Liquid Advent ABV- 5% IBU- 23 Chocolate brown porter brewed with cinnamon, chiles, cacao nibs, and roasted cacao husks from our friends at Maverick Chocolate. This is how you do a Christmas beer if you’re Taft’s Ale House’s head brewer Kevin Moreland.  This is a fantastic menagerie of Chocolate and cinnamon, with