Urban Artifact Palmistry

Brewery – Urban Artifact Beer – Palmistry Style – Fruited Double Berliner Pale ABV – 8.5% PH – 3.85 Reading the lines on your palm is an ancient method of looking into your future and determining your character. We see enduring love and great flavors ahead! This beefed up version of a Berliner style Pale Ale

Urban Artifact Pinwheel

Brewery – Urban Artifact Beer – Pinwheel Style – Kumquat Gose ABV – 4.5% IBUs – 12 PH – 3.5 Bursting with orange aromas accompanied by bready wheat malt flavors and a bright acidity. A Gose that captures the essence of Spring. I don’t think I had ever tried kumquats before Urban Artifact released Pinwheel

Urban Artifact Squeezebox

Brewery – Urban Artifact Beer – Squeezebox Style – Strawberry Sour Berry Bomb ABV – 7.1% Bellows-driven free-reed chordal instruments have developed around the globe as part of traditional music. This beer was made with 3 pounds per gallon of real strawberries! This beer uses a house culture of Lactobacillus along with traditional ale yeast

How About Some Phrenology Bottles?

I feel like I could spend a lot of time just talking about the amazing selection of packaged beer here in Cincinnati (and some weeks I feel like I do) – This last week is one of those weeks, with some really great stuff getting announced, and a few things popping up through the TTB

Urban Artifact – St. Anthony’s Quad

I’ve talked about it a hundred times, but when Urban Artifact does things, they don’t do things the normal way.  They get a little weird about it.  One of their favorite past times is collecting wild yeast to use in beer (what, yours isn’t?).  They have used this city as a playground, to capture different

Urban Artifact and CurioCity

Urban Artifact is known for not doing things the way everyone else does.  This beer is another prime example of that ethos.  We’re headed headfirst right into Bock season here in Cincinnati (I have a rundown coming… get ready for a lot of bock beers) and Urban Artifact is releasing theirs this week, but as

Urban Artifact The Gadget

Brewery – Urban Artifact Beer – The Gadget Style – “Sour Berry Bomb” ABV – 6.1% IBU – 12 PH – 3.2 Designed by our taproom staff as an intricate experiment combining the explosive power of sour beer with the dangerous flavors of fresh berries.  Duck and Cover! This one got the city of Cincinnati

Urban Artifact… ANOTHER Bottle!!!

Urban Artifact announced today that their previously scheduled release for next Tuesday’s #TapTuesday return ran into some unexpected delays – and they’d have to reschedule it.  This is sad news.  However… as you’ve already seen in the last month, the brewery is popping bottles out like they’re going out of style, and they’ve got another