All About The Woodburn Brewery

What Makes The Woodburn Brewery Special? I think that what will really make The Woodburn stand out amongst the other fantastic local Cincinnati brewery’s is it’s use of it’s stunning space.  This is a brewery that with every decision that it makes has to think about floor space and keeping as much of it available

Woodburn Adds More Beer, and Food!

They’ve only been open for two weeks (officially) and they’re already adding some stuff that only improves the taproom experience.  Food!  On top of that The Woodburn Brewery has unleashed a few new beers for you to try when you make your way down to have a quick bite and a drink.  I’ll break it

Woodburn, It’s Great To Meet You!

One of the parts of Cincy Brewcast that so many people have told me they love to listen to, is when we head into breweries as they open to the public, and let our listeners “get to know them”, that’s exactly what this episode of Cincy Brewcast is all about, getting to know Woodburn Brewery.