Fifty West Cans, Distribution, A New Generation

It’s an exciting time for anyone who has been drinking craft beer in Cincinnati for a while.  The more that I think about it, actually, it’s an exciting time for anyone who drinks beer in Cincinnati, period.  For those of you who have found places around town that you call your “spot”, that you frequent

Urban Artifact And Flavorings – Tricorne

I didn’t put up a post about the Urban Artifact and Sam Adams collaboration yet, because every time I get something written, it keeps shifting more and more away from the topic that started the post in the first place.  It was originally about the collaboration between the two breweries that has been a long

Alexandria Brewing Company Finally Moves In

Brewery projects never happen as quickly as you think (or want) them to happen, but I’m not sure that there’s been one here in Cincinnati that has taken as long as Alexandria Brewing Company.  It seems like Alexandria’s owner, Andy Reynolds, has had every obstacle thrown in his way at this point (knock on wood),

Great Crescent IN Orbit – Happy Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that Great Crescent Brewing has been around for 9 years… and it’s hard to believe that they still manage to fly under the radar for so many craft beer drinkers here in Greater Cincinnati, but they have… and they do.  The brewery is the fifth oldest in town, behind Rockbottom, Hofbrauhaus,