Sam Adams – The Taproom Is Coming!

Every time beer geeks in Cincinnati get together and talk about Sam Adams, there’s bound to be a couple of things that you’ll hear.  #1 – Someone is going to talk about how underrated this brewery is, and how surprised they were the last time they picked up something from them.  #2 – Someone is

The Great 2018 Baseball Beer Rundown

Unlike most of my other ‘Beer Rundowns’ that I publish, this one doesn’t focus on a particular style.  No… instead of focusing on Oktoberfest beer, or Pumpkin beers, these are all beers themed after baseball.  The city of Cincinnati has a pretty extreme love for the sport, and the sport in Cincinnati owes quite a

West Side Brewing – Here Come The Cans!

The move into packaging for a new brewery is a big one.  It’s a special moment in the timeline of that brewery, and one that I feel should be celebrated.  Gone are the days where you can only get your beer into places that offer draft sales.  No more are you confined to drinking your

13 Below Floats Back Open

  When you start a business on the banks of the Ohio River, you have to always know that a flood is a possibility.  When you’re a young brewery, though, less than a year into trying to establish yourselves, it’s a fear that you don’t want to think about.  For 13 Below, the fear became