Blank Slate Is Closed – Now What?

This one hurts, guys.  Blank Slate is closed and the beer community is stunned. I won’t pretend that Ei8ht Ball didn’t hurt too when they closed their doors, because it did. This one is different though.  Ei8ht Ball closed in a very different way, for very different reasons that Blank Slate did.  Yes, the announcement

FigLeaf Is Adding Wine, and Cans!

FigLeaf Brewing Company isn’t even yet to their first anniversary, and they’re already poised to knock out a couple of their big goals in the near future.  The brewery which is located almost smack dab in between Cincinnati and Dayton is quickly finding not only ways to make themselves a destination for drinkers from both

Braxton Is Opening The Braxton Labs

It’s not all doom and gloom after Ei8ht Ball closes their doors in early April.  Braxton Brewing company announced today that they’d be buying the space for what they’re calling the ‘Braxton Labs’.  This new space will bee all about innovation – housed in the brewery space deep inside the heart of Party Source in