The Beefsteak Carnival 2018

I know you’ve heard of the annual Beefsteak dinner, right?  It’s annually the first event of Bockfest, and this year’s event (which is presented by Arnold’s Bar and Grill and The Brewery District) looks like it might be the best one yet. Gone is just the Beefsteak Dinner… this year, welcome the Beefsteak Carnival! The

A Day In The Upside Down Firkin Fest

Now that you’ve read all about Firkins from Craft Beer Joe (you got my hint there, right?  Go read it) I think it’s time you hear about an event that I’m taking place in, that you should probably not just be interested in, but start planning on attending for a beer or two. It all

Swine City Announces An Opening Date

If you’ve been following this Fairfield brewery for the seemingly very long time that they’ve been planning, then this is going to be really exciting news for you.  If you have no idea who I’m talking about when I mention Swine City, then it should still be pretty good news… we’ve got a new brewery

Six Words: Cincinnati

I love charity events.  If you know anything about me, and what is really behind this website, you’ll understand that I’ve got a deep rooted belief about what craft beer really is. Craft beer is actually about some things that are much bigger than the liquid that ends up in our glasses at the end

Great Crescent Celebrates 9 Years

There aren’t a lot of craft breweries here in Greater Cincinnati that can claim to have been chugging along for 9 years.  Great Crescent is putting themselves on that list alongside Rock Bottom, Hofbrauhaus, Mt. Carmel and Listermann this month, and they’re throwing a celebration with some great beers to mark it. If you haven’t

2017 Dark Charge Day

Begin your planning – one of this cities favorite beer release days has a date picked out, and the variants are starting to roll in.  That’s right, it’s time to start planning for Braxton Brewing Company’s ‘Winter Block Party’, which is better known as Dark Charge Day. If you’ve never been before, it starts early…