Lupulin @ Labs Celebrates Hops At Braxton Labs

I love watching the fine folks at Braxton Labs get to live up to the idea of igniting innovation and sparking conversation in ways that you might not get to do at Braxton HQ.  They’ve found ways to really use the space to innovate on new beers, new package releases, tap takeovers and events.  This

MadTree’s Sensorium Series

The teasing and hints about what this taproom only series of MadTree might be are finally letting up and we’re getting a glimpse at how MadTree is going to turn the idea of a dual beer release on its head.  The brewery doesn’t like to just do things for the sake of doing things, and

MadTree Celebrates With Untappd

We’ve been having a lot of talk about Cincinnati turning itself into a beer destination over the last couple weeks.  From the news that Rhinegeist is now one of the biggest breweries in the country, to the announcement that Sam Adams is going to be opening a taproom near their OTR brewery it seems like

St. Patty’s Day 2018

I know, I know… some “more sophisticated” drinkers like to snub their noses at these drinking holidays that we drunkards in America have embraced.  Look… I’m a drinker at heart, and I love a good excuse to go out and celebrate anything with a beer or two.  St. Patrick’s day is no exception to this.

The Beefsteak Carnival 2018

I know you’ve heard of the annual Beefsteak dinner, right?  It’s annually the first event of Bockfest, and this year’s event (which is presented by Arnold’s Bar and Grill and The Brewery District) looks like it might be the best one yet. Gone is just the Beefsteak Dinner… this year, welcome the Beefsteak Carnival! The

A Day In The Upside Down Firkin Fest

Now that you’ve read all about Firkins from Craft Beer Joe (you got my hint there, right?  Go read it) I think it’s time you hear about an event that I’m taking place in, that you should probably not just be interested in, but start planning on attending for a beer or two. It all