Is Hudy Amber Returning To Shelves?

When Christian Moerlein changed things up in 2015 by replacing Hudepohl Amber Lager with their new Hudy Pure Lager, it was a smart move.  When you look at it on paper, it makes perfect sense.  The brewery wanted to bring the brewing of Amber Lager back to Cincinnati, and in the process the question was

Rhinegeist Hustle Getting Revamped Again?

It looks like Rhinegeist might have a new hustle coming to Cincinnati, and I’m not talking about Weed growing operations, or gondolas that stretch across the expanse of OTR to shuttle drinkers to a park.  I’m talking about my favorite Hustle that they’ve ever tried – a certain Rye Pale Ale that turned into a

Saber Tooth Tiger Is Getting Canned?

You know the beer… you’ve had it plenty of times, I hope.  I can assume you’ve never had it this way, though.  It only makes sense to me that Saber Tooth Tiger would be getting canned (instead of?  In addition to bottled?) because cans are clearly the better vessel for storing and transporting beer.  The

More Rivertown Lineup Revamp, And A New Can?

We’ve known that the rest of the core lineup for Rivertown was going to get a good refresher to match their other new changes, but it’s still fun to finally see them!  Tommy Sheehan from TommyInk has been working hard with the new look to Rivertown’s lineup, and the final two core beers to get