Santa’s Bribe Gets Label Approval

It’s never too early for Christmas presents – or to start thinking about Christmas beers I don’t think – when this rolled through my inbox a while back I just couldn’t hold back for too long.  This beer was really good last year and the thought of it making it’s way into cans got me

What’s This? Another MadTree Can?

No Comment… No Comment, No Comment, No Comment.  I feel like that’s all I’m hearing this week.  Eh, it’s ok, though.  This one doesn’t need a comment for me to get a little bit excited about it.  As a drinker who isn’t a huge fan (compared to other styles, relax) of IPAs, what I am

The Original Braxton Labs NEIPA 001 Set To Hit Cans

Braxton Labs is all about experimentation.  It’s the entire purpose of the brewery – to innovate, play around and be creative.  That doesn’t mean, however, that the brewery doesn’t listen to their loyal fans about what they like and want when it comes to packaging and even new beers that are going to come out.

Rivertown’s New Look For Roebling

I love the design side of beer.  It doesn’t effect the taste, and it certainly doesn’t effect the taproom experience – at first glance it might even seem like it’s a tiny portion of the whole thing, and thusly might be insignificant.  I am a firm believer though that this is pretty far from the

A New Look For MadTree’s Cans

With MadTree 2.0 comes a lot of refreshing, changing and reinventing for MadTree.  They are doing things in bigger and better ways than they were ever be able to do before when they were limited by their space at MadTree 1.0.  Part of what is coming along looks like a nice refresh for their packaging

Rhinegeist Collaborates For A Canned Hazy IPA

Call them whatever you want to call them, North East IPA, New England IPA, Hazy IPA – they’re here to stay, clearly.  On top of that, they’re sort of popular with drinkers these days.  Can releases for NE IPAs in Cincinnati have become a major thing, with Listermann dominating the space (having a release every