Coming “Soon”

Here’s the disclaimer…the bad news.  Not all these brewery idea will ever actually become a real brewery with beer flowing from their taps.  As a project moves to a point where it’s a strong possibility in my mind that it’s going to exist, I’ll add it here to coming “soon” for you to read about…but that doesn’t mean it will happen.  Even once a project is considered dead to many people, I might even leave it here for you to read about what could have been.

I’m not sure how the determination of what is here and what isn’t is come up with… I think that’s the moral.  If you aren’t aware, I usually make things up as I go along in creating this website… and this page might be a prime example of that.

Coming “Soon”… Maybe?

Alexandria Brewing CompanyAlexandria Brewing Company

Located in Alexandria Kentucky, they’ve made a ton of progress in the last year and finally are working on their space.  Alexandria Brewing Company is right on track for a spring of 2018 opening.  The brewery will focus on serving their community of Alexandria, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them spread around NKY a little bit too!

Banana Hammock

This project is taking a slightly different approach.  They’re currently using some other local breweries to contract brew some of their traditional German beers to start getting their name out there in the market, with the hope that they’ll be able to open a taproom of their own one day.

Cartridge Brewing Co

Located in Maineville in the new Peters Cartridge Redevelopment, this brewery has a 7700 square foot taproom planned.  They aren’t ready to start talking too much about their plans, yet… but they have a goal of being up and running by late 2018 or early 2019, and you can bet you’ll read more about them here before then!

The Common Beer Company

The Common Beer Company is located in Mason, Ohio – and area that has been desperate for their own identity for a long time.  They are looking to put in a 6.5bbl brewhouse and create a space that has a neighborhood feel.  Not quite nano… but not as big as some of the other places around Cincinnati.  The have their space, and should start construction any day.  Keep your eyes peeled to social media for updates!

Esoteric Brewing

They’ve already started construction on the old Paramount building for a project that they are hoping takes the things that make a craft brewery so fantastic, and twists them on their head a bit.  They are wanting to crate a taproom that is sophisticated and elevates everything from the taste expectations, to the very taproom experience itself.  Expect to see a pretty significant crowdfunding effort this winter from these guys, which will offer up actual equity in the business.  Stay tuned!

Happy 2 Brewing

Located inside Mio’s in Anderson, this brewery will be small, but hopefully delicious.  A nano brewery designed to serve people hand crafted beer with their dinner, they are getting extremely close to their “grand opening”.  Test batches are well under way and they are just waiting on some final details, like license approval to come through.  A great addition to the east side of town, I can’t wait to see what they do for their customers.

HighGrain Brewing Co

This project is centered around Matt Utter, who you might remember form Christian Moerlein as well as being part of the Cincy Beer Fest crew.  They want to become Cincinnati’s most sustainable brewery and restaurant and hope to bring a new life to Silverton with an plan to bring beer and food together in one cohesive concept.  Their location is the Memorial Municipal Building at 6860 Plainfield rd.

Humble Monk Brewing

Located in Northside, near Urban Artifact, this brewery is moving along steadily, installing equipment as quick as they can.They are on track to be pouring beer this year.  They were known as Rabbit Hash Brewing Company for a while, but changed their name due to some community backlash about them using it, without being located in Rabbit Hash.

Off Track Brewing

This is a longer term project, once called Starhaus Brewing. It has been seeing a little bit of light at the end of that long tunnel on the road to becoming a brewery, so they deserve a spot on this list now.  It’s another one of the fantastic homebrewer turned pro brewer stories… and I can’t wait to share it all with you as they get closer to bringing beer to your mouths!

Platform Brewing

While Plaform might be headquartered in Cleveland, they have big plans to do some fun things here in Over The Rhine.  They want to create a space that brings together Coffee, Beer and Barrels in a space at 1201 Main Street that will be called LOCOBA by Platform.  They are aiming for a summer of 2018 opening.

Rebel Mettle Brewing

Taking place in the old Felsenbrau building, this brewery looks to embrace the history of Cincinnati’s brewing culture with a modern operation.  They hope to provide jobs for vets as well.  Work is being done on the space, and equipment is slowly starting to come in as we speak.

Sonder Brewing

You’ll be hearing a lot about this place in 2018, with a good sized, no, massive taproom planned and excellent brewpub food from BrewRiver, they look to make a big splash in the Northeastern part of Cincinnati’s suburbs. You’ll find lots of outdoor patio space, open lawn space, and outdoor game options sitting amongst more than 6 acres of space. I think destination is the right word to use for a place like this! Opening Late Spring 2018


It’s been a long time coming for Wiedemann, but their new location in St. Bernard is nearing completion, and they’ve started eyeing a Spring opening.  Don’t think that the lager that you’ve come to know from them will be their only thing, though.  Wiedemann is looking to redefine what they’re all about, drifting away from styles into a creative space that the craft beer fans of today will appreciate.  Stay tuned!