Rolling Mill Brewing Co – The War Against Wheat and Gluten Is Missing The Whole Point.

Ok, so maybe the fact that Middletown’s upcoming Rolling Mill Brewing Company will be brewing all of their beers free of gluten is a big part of their story.  I can’t pretend that it doesn’t shape who they are to a large degree.  If you think that they are a gluten free brewery that happens

Alexandria And Bad Tom Collaborate For The Haze Craze With Hazy River NE IPA

Bad Tom Smith and Alexandria Brewing Company decided to get together to do something that this city is going to like – a lot.  They’re collaborating on a new beer called ‘Hazy River’ – a wonderfully hoppy, hazy, IPA for the masses of fans that the style has gained across the Cincinnati Area. When I heard

Rhinegeist Introduces Astro Dwarf, and a few favorites hit the shelves too.

There are a few new goodies coming in the very near future from OTR’s Rhinegeist Brewing.  No… this isn’t a massive Gondola that will traverse OTR (The latest off the Rhinegeist rumor mill if you haven’t heard).  Instead this is two new packaging debuts, and one returning favorite. Astro Dwarf Finally Lands Finally!!! Remember when

The OFF Market Returns to MadTree

MadTree 2.0 is the perfect space for a lot of things, and the O.F.F. Market is definitely one of those things.  The Market will be returning to the brewery and setting up shop inside to provide a space for Artists, bakers, chefs, scavengers, mobile boutiques, and everything in between to share their goods. The Market