DogBerry Celebrates Four Years – And A Bottle Release

If you have asked me for a brewery recommendation in the recent past, I can almost guarantee that I have told you that you need to hit up DogBerry in West Chester. It’s not just that I think they’re making some really great stuff lately (which I do), I think it’s insane to talk to […]

Fretboards Next Packaging And Just A Little One Year Anniversary

If you didn’t snag some cans of the last releases from Fretboard, don’t wait around, there are still a few cans of ‘Nati Dread and Mellowship floating around town (and they’re pretty spectacular beers… fitting very different moods).  But, if you’re already on to the next thing, you’ll want to know about this one.  Fretboard […]

It’s Good To Be King – Especially When You’re Celebrating Your 60th Anniversary!

I love Little Kings, and not in an ironic “my Grandpa drank this” way, either.  I love Little Kings because they are delicious, little green bottles of happiness.  The beer has been around now for 60 years, and Christian Moerlein is planning a bunch of events not just help us Little King geeks celebrate our […]

13 Below Celebrates Year One!

We had a big year in brewery openings last year (17 of them!) which means that we get a big year in first anniversary parties this year.  Up next is Sayler Park’s 13 below who has had a hell of year with the Ohio River deciding to attempt to swallow them up. If you want […]

Sons Of Toil’s 1 Year Celebration

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that the majority of you that are reading this haven’t made the trip out to Mt. Orab’s Sons of Toil yet.  I get it… they’re probably far away.  When I first told you about these guys, though – I think I made a pretty […]

16 Lots – 1 Year 9 New Beers – That’s Good Math!

It’s been a year now since Mason, Ohio’s 16 Lots opened their door for business, and they have big plan to celebrate the occasion with 9, yes… count them, nine new beers throughout a weekend of Oktoberfest celebrating. It’s a massive, action-packed weekend – and if you really want to keep track of all of […]

Listermann’s 10th Anniversary: Behold… The Beers!

I wrote about the weekend extravaganza that Listermann Brewing Company is putting together for the celebration of their 10th anniversary already.  This post is the really fun side of it all.  When I told you that they were putting together a ticketed event for Friday evening, I told you that there was going to be […]

Grainworks Celebrates One Year

Has it really been a year since Grainworks opened their door in West Chester?  This anniversary is a fun one, coming right as the brewery is gearing up for some really fun growth that is going to do a lot for their taproom experience. Grainworks is helping to revive the rich brewing heritage of the […]

Listermann’s Ten Year Anniversary

Listermann Brewing Company enters into an elite group of local breweries as they celebrate their tenth anniversary this year. To celebrate, they’re throwing a hell of a party, along with bringing back their famous Oktoberfest celebration of local beer. Me? I’m a happy Gnome about this.

The Nine Giant Anniversary Celebrations Begin, Plus Bottles!

Nine Giant is not pulling the punches for the celebration of their second anniversary.  Hot off the recent announcement of their new expansion (which you can read about here) they are tapping a line up of delicious beers that will have their regulars as well as new visitors salivating.  As if that wasn’t enough – […]

Are We There Yet? Rhinegeist’s Fifth Anniversary Adventure

Known for throwing some really clever and well themed anniversary party, Rhinegeist isn’t going to let up at all for this, their fifth anniversary celebration.  It’s been a heck of a year for the brewery, and it’s most definitely one to celebrate in a big way. Go ahead, mark it on your calendar – June […]

Municipal Brewing Company Preps For Their 2nd Anniversary Weekend

It’s not always enough to plan an anniversary party to take place on one day, sometimes you need to set aside a whole weekend to get all the festivities in – and for Municipal Brew Works – their second anniversary is gearing up to be the “whole weekend party” sort of event.  They’ll be closing […]