DogBerry Barrel Aged DogAvon

Brewery – DogBerryBeer – DogAvonStyle – Barrel Aged BarleywineABV – 13% This bottle contains 12ounces of our DogAvon Barleywine that has been aged in a combination of Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvingnon red wine barrels of French and American Oak. The Dog is brewed only once a year. A small amount of our 2017 vintage […]

DogBerry Celebrates Four Years – And A Bottle Release

If you have asked me for a brewery recommendation in the recent past, I can almost guarantee that I have told you that you need to hit up DogBerry in West Chester. It’s not just that I think they’re making some really great stuff lately (which I do), I think it’s insane to talk to […]

West Side And Their Annual Barleywine Release

If you’re a geek… of the beer variety, there are few things that are more fun than getting together with a few of your fellow geeks and cracking open a few beers. It’s science. More friends + more beer = more fun. What absolutely blows this away in ‘funness’ is when you all get together […]

Listermann Thinks Barleywine is Life, and I Think I’m On Board…

I have been pestering Jason Brewer about this a little bit, and I’m happy to finally have some information to share with you guys. Do you remember back in late October how during their write up on Don’t Drink Beer, we heard a quick mention about a Kopi Luwak Barleywine from Listermann?  We’re finally getting […]

The Listermann High Society Series

The High Society Series is a sort of ‘Experiemental Playground’ for the Listermann Brewing Company. The collection of barrel aged goodies is a fun place for the brewery to throw bottles out of all the stuff that just doesn’t seem to fit into another release. In a beer world of fickle drinkers that are always […]