Listermann Yacht Rock

Brewery – Listermann Beer – Yacht Rock Style – Milkshake IPA ABV – 6.5% NE Milkshake IPA brewed with Citra and El Dorado with coconut, pineapple and ancient tiki flavors added. I’ve confessed before, but I love a good cocktail in the same way that I love a good glass of craft beer, which is […]

Braxton’s Plan To Fill Your Fridge – Garage Beer

There are beers for every situation and mood that you happen to have as a craft beer drinker.  We are blessed to live in a city with enough breweries to provide beers for every one of those situations (and even some that you didn’t know you needed a beer for).  It’s even more exciting to […]

The Nine Giant Anniversary Celebrations Begin, Plus Bottles!

Nine Giant is not pulling the punches for the celebration of their second anniversary.  Hot off the recent announcement of their new expansion (which you can read about here) they are tapping a line up of delicious beers that will have their regulars as well as new visitors salivating.  As if that wasn’t enough – […]

Volume 04 – Episode 11 – Fifty West, Prepping For Punch Out

There’s a lot to talk to Fifty West about… and I suppose that’s partially my fault for not having a chance to sit down with them on the show for about a year.  Of course, it’s also their fault for having a TON of stuff going on at all times.  From some big medal wins, […]

Are We There Yet? Rhinegeist’s Fifth Anniversary Adventure

Known for throwing some really clever and well themed anniversary party, Rhinegeist isn’t going to let up at all for this, their fifth anniversary celebration.  It’s been a heck of a year for the brewery, and it’s most definitely one to celebrate in a big way. Go ahead, mark it on your calendar – June […]

Braxton Introduces A Wine Barrel Aged Imperial Gose

I’m sure you’ve tried a Gose or two in your beer drinking life – you might have even had one of the few Imperial Goses that are floating around here and there.  But a barrel aged Imperial Gose?  I’m not certain that there’s been many chances for a beer drinker to get their hands on […]

Enjoy Farm To Glass Happiness At The Crafted Festival In July

We are absolutely blessed to live in a city with both a fantastic beer scene, coupled with some really amazing food, as well.  The folks behind the Crafted, local beer food and music festival (July 21st at Sawyer Point) plan to help us celebrate those things in a big way this summer at Sawyer Point. […]

Volume 04 – Episode 10 – Fibonacci Is Growing, Meet Fib Farm!

The last year or year and a half has been really fun if you enjoy watching breweries grow, and who doesn’t?  We’re seeing how each of our local breweries expands and evolves, with new locations, bigger taprooms etc.  Fibonacci is no exception to that with their announcement of the addition of a beer garden, an […]

Old Firehouse Is Throwing A Beach Party, For A Good Cause

Not one to just do things for the sake of doing them – Old Firehouse owners Adam and Lori are throwing an event this month that I really wanted to make sure everyone was aware of. Before we dig into the event itself, I want to share the why.  One of the biggest things that […]

Rhinegeist – Cheetah Running Its Way Into Cans?

I feel like we’ve been hearing it for a few years now, this idea that craft lagers are poised to become “the next big thing”.  We’ve certainly got some great ones available in packaging now, and Rhinegeist might just be looking to add one more to the shelves at your favorite beer store soon.  They’ve […]

Nine Giant Expands In Their Neighborhood With Second Location

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this news… Do I consider it an expansion, a second location, an experimental space? A warehouse for aging beer?  I think it’s a little bit of a it all, though – which is why I’m really thrilled to see it come to life this year. The Plans […]

Municipal Brewing Company Preps For Their 2nd Anniversary Weekend

It’s not always enough to plan an anniversary party to take place on one day, sometimes you need to set aside a whole weekend to get all the festivities in – and for Municipal Brew Works – their second anniversary is gearing up to be the “whole weekend party” sort of event.  They’ll be closing […]