Volume 4, Episode 32 – Big Cis 2018

It’s probably the single event each year that gives me the “reset” that I need.  Coming at the end of the year, which is such a good time to reflect anyways – Big Cis is the chance for me to remember back to starting Cincy Brewcast.  The focus for the show, the focus for the […]

Big Cis 2018 – A Beer, A Party, A Good Cause

I’ve said it on this blog countless times, that craft beer is about a lot more than what you put in your glass.  I don’t know the ins and outs of every hop variety, I still think yeast is magic, and for the life of me can’t understand decoction in the same way that I […]

Getting Ready For Big Cis, Volume 2

This post could go a lot of different ways for me, I have a lot of things to say about Big Cis.  The easy post is just to tell you about the event, and the beer… and maybe a little bit on why you should go (it’s benefiting a great organization).  I don’t like to […]

Cincy Brewcast – Volume 2, Episode 32 – Big Cis Brewcast

Mike Cisneros started Cincy Brewcast with an idea of bringing the brewers, the owners and the beer to this city via the digital airwaves.  He came to me to see if I wanted to help him make the dream happen, and 80 something episodes later, the dream just grows.  Even as I’ve ‘Taken the reins […]