Volume 4, Episode 33

Consider this both a Christmas and a “year-end wrap up” show… if you want to, I suppose. On the heels of a fantastic article that wrapped up all the beer news of the year from David McKinney, I invited him and Andy Foltz over to chat about all that’s happened in 2018. This was a […]

Cincinnati’s 2018 Brewery Holiday Hours

I understand the struggle.  You’ve got friends in town, family that you’re either trying to entertain (or get away from) and you want to hit up a taproom or four.  You already know about my brewery chart that shows you all our taproom’s normal hours – but as we get thrown into the hectic holiday […]

2017 Cincinnati Craft Brewery Holiday Hours

You’ve got friends in town, family in your house.  I get it, you need a beer.  Maybe it’s completely valid reasoning, I mean, with that many people around you that know you’re into craft beer you’re going to need to get a growler or 4 filled up to get through the holidays.  But as much […]

Taft’s Ale House Santa’s Bribe

Brewery – Taft’s Ale House Beer – Santa’s Bribe Style – Christmas Cookie Ale ABV – 6.2% IBUs – 16 Leave this brew with hints of cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla on the mantle with care, and your heart’s desire is what Old Saint Taft will bear. Look, in my house it’s just understood that Santa […]

Volume 02 – Episode 36 – A Very Wild Christmas

There aren’t a lot of breweries here in Cincinnati that do Holiday beers the way that Urban Artifact does.  I knew that when I wanted to explore the various styles and personalized of what that category can mean, they were the folks to make it happen.  I jumped on stage in the Urban Artifact taproom […]

2016’s Winter Beer Rundown

Christmastime in Cincinnati means that it’s time to drink up all those pumpkin beers, knock back the last few Oktoberfests that are still lingering in our beer fridges and start making way for all the winter beers that are already gracing the shelves and tap handles at our local breweries. But… what’s a drinker to […]

Introducing Geistmas 2016

Merry Geistmas! Wait… maybe it’s Happy Geistmas!  I don’t know the proper grammar for wishing you a joyous Geistmas…but I can probably give you some of the details about it, which is probably just as good – right? So, Rhinegeist is teaming up with Arnold’s Bar and Grill and Toys for Tots for a toy […]

Cincy Brewcast Episode 40

The Holiday Extravaganza! We knew that we didn’t want our last live show of the year to just be another show… we wanted to do something special.  What has become the driving force of why we love Cincinnati’s growing craft beer scene and the entire reason that this website even exists is that Cincinnati’s craft […]

Your Local Brewery Christmas Hours

The holidays are hectic…but you’ve also got family in town that needs to drink!  Of course being the loyal beer drinkers that you are, there’s nothing that says Christmas season more than a family trip to a local brewery or taproom, right?  But local brewery christmas hours are always a little confusing, and with 25 […]

MadTree Thundersnow

Brewery- MadTree Beer- Thundersnow ABV- 8.5% IBU- 18 The conditions have to be just right for the formation of Thundersnow. Ginger, nutmeg, vanilla, hints of cinnamon and a bready malt sweetness are the secret. When you find this rare occurrence, savor it as long as you can.   Not satisfied to brew a typical winter warmer style […]

Urban Artifact’s 12 Beers of Christmas

Don’t worry thirsty beer fiends of Cincinnati… there will be plenty of new tappings to keep your palate pleased this holiday season down in Northside’s Urban Artifact Brewing.  They are kicking off their 12 beers of Christmas on Monday, December 7th with the first set of 12 different beers to be released.  These are some new […]

Cincy Brewcast Episode 37

Holiday Craft Beer Gift Guide I am, as I’m sure most of you are, asked on a fairly regular basis what to get people who are craft beer fans as a gift from non craft beer fans.  We put together Cincy Brewcast Episode 37 with the intentions of helping to give those people some ideas, […]