West Side Brewing – Here Come The Cans!

The move into packaging for a new brewery is a big one.  It’s a special moment in the timeline of that brewery, and one that I feel should be celebrated.  Gone are the days where you can only get your beer into places that offer draft sales.  No more are you confined to drinking your […]

St. Patty’s Day 2018

I know, I know… some “more sophisticated” drinkers like to snub their noses at these drinking holidays that we drunkards in America have embraced.  Look… I’m a drinker at heart, and I love a good excuse to go out and celebrate anything with a beer or two.  St. Patrick’s day is no exception to this. […]

Rivertown Goes Deeper Into Their Nitro Series With Pineapple Whip

I was pretty excited when I heard the news that Rivertown was going to let loose on cans of Nitro Roebling.  No one here in Cincinnati has attempted to move their nitro beers into packaging before Rivertown, and I’m a firm believer that with the right recipes, it’s hard to beat the texture of a […]

Rhinegeist Is One Of The Biggest Breweries In The Country

I think we all knew that Rhinegeist has been growing very big, very fast.  I also think that we all knew they were really big here in Cincinnati, but the level that they had grown to in the United States has now taken on mind blown status. According to the latest numbers from the Brewer’s […]

Volume 3 – Episode 32 – Queen City Brewing Company of Cincinnati

They’ve been chugging along in Blue Ash, working to change minds and fill thirsty bellies for more than a year now and it begs the question: Why has it taken the Brewcast that long to get out to Blue Ash to do a show with the Queen City Brewery of Cincinnati?  I don’t actually have […]

Listermann Call To Farms

Brewery – Listermann Beer – Call To Farms Style – Farmhouse Ale ABV – 6.3% Farmhouse Ale brewed by women in the Cincinnati community to raise money for Women Helping Women.  WHW is a local social service that prevents gender-based violence and empowers all survivors.  WHW provides evidence-based prevention and expert crisis intervention and support […]

Listermann Tastes Like Persistence

Brewery – Listermann Beer – Tastes Like Persistence Style – Farmhouse Ale ABV – 6.7% This dark farmhouse ale was brewed by local women in the Cincinnati community.  It has been spiced with cardamom, black pepper and cocoa nibs to add a unique, one of a kind brew.  Proceeds of this beer will be donated […]

MadTree Collaborates On Two New Cans – Phone A Friend and Lupulin Effect

MadTree isn’t bullshitting you when they use their catchphrase: “Beer builds community & Community builds beer.” They own it.  They infuse every pint of beer, every interaction, ever charity event with this ethos.  You can step into the MadTree taproom and feel this dedication… or if you aren’t the feelings type, you can look around […]

13 Below Floats Back Open

  When you start a business on the banks of the Ohio River, you have to always know that a flood is a possibility.  When you’re a young brewery, though, less than a year into trying to establish yourselves, it’s a fear that you don’t want to think about.  For 13 Below, the fear became […]

The Return of Summertrip, and The Start of the Trip Series

Summertrip hits home with fans of Braxton each year as the weather starts to warm.  It’s a sign of things to come, the warmth of spring and summer, but it’s also a really freaking delicious beer.  Imagine the joyous glee then from these Berliner fans as they recently learned that the Covington brewery is using […]

Braxton Introduces The Toolbox, a Mixed 12 Pack

One thing that you can say for sure about Braxton is that when they do something, they spend a LOT of time planning it beforehand, making sure that they don’t just do things for the sake of doing them.  They kick things up a notch and make sure they do it in the most unique […]

Streetside’s One Hit Wonders Series

You know them.  You might secretly (or not so secretly) love them even as they get stuck on repeat in your head.  They’re songs that explode onto the scene only to fade off into the sunset just as quickly.  They immediately bring forth memories of where you were in your life when they were released. […]