Volume 4 Episode 14 – Ohio Brew Week 2018

Ohio Brew Week is in full swing out in Athens, and I made the road trip out to bring some of the action to your podcast feed.  I was graciously joined by Sean White of Little Fish, Cameron Fuller of Devil’s Kettle and Brad Clark from Jackie O’s to sit down and have a great […]

Cincinnati Brings Home Some Medals From The US Open Beer Championships.

I love watching our local breweries bring home recognition for what they do – and it becomes more and more clear with every competition that we’ve got some really fantastic places putting out some of the best beer that has ever come out of Cincinnati. The US Open Beer championship is the only major championship […]

Looking Forward To This Weekends Punch Out? I’ve Got The Beer List!

It’s one of the best beer events in this city, hands down.  It’s certainly one of the most creative too.  On top of it all, the Fifty West Punch Out each year features some of the best, and biggest selections of local beer that you’ll find at any event around town.  I can only assume […]

Taft’s Nebulosity Receives A Receipe Tweak And Heads To Cans?

I love label approvals.  I assume you’ve figured that out if you regularly browse this website, as you’ll see them pop up from time to time followed by a post full of exclamation points.  This one fits right into that really excited category, because I think that Taft’s is one of the most underrated breweries […]

Listermann Teams Up With The Art Museum Again

The Cincinnati Art Museum’s ‘Undergrowth with Two Figures’ by Vincent Van Gogh is returning back to it’s home in Cincinnati, today.  To celebrate the long awaited return the museum turned back to Listermann brewing company to help them celebrate by creating a beer that features the painting on it’s label. About The Van Gogh Beer […]

Braxton Solves Their Food Dilemma With Help From Alto

If you’re a regular in the Braxton Covington taproom, you’ll be familiar with the “food dilemma” that has long plagued the brewery.  They never wanted to be a brewpub, and they honestly just don’t have the space to bring in a full time food vendor, and most of the solutions that they’ve tried to use, […]

Cincinnati Beer Release Roundup – July 2018

It’s another month, which means that it’s time for another Beer Roundup post to keep you up to date with all the beer releases here in Cincinnati.  From old favorites returning to shelves to new cans and bottles for you to explore, this is going to be a good lineup!  I always say it, but […]

Volume 4 Episode 12 – Streetside, The Sour Side

There are many aspects to what makes up a brewery like Streetside.  It’s extremely hard to narrow their “beer personality” down to a particular category because they are nailing so many different sides so well.  This week’s show focuses on one that I have fallen in love with, though – their sour side.  Garrett and […]

Braxton Is Celebrating The Summer With A Summertrip Luau

They make a big point with Summertrip and it’s branding to let us drinkers know that Summer vacations (and even summer itself) are nothing more than a state of mind if you allow it to be.  (You can read a little bit more about Summertrip here if you don’t know about this delicious beer) After […]

Listermann Yacht Rock

Brewery – Listermann Beer – Yacht Rock Style – Milkshake IPA ABV – 6.5% NE Milkshake IPA brewed with Citra and El Dorado with coconut, pineapple and ancient tiki flavors added. I’ve confessed before, but I love a good cocktail in the same way that I love a good glass of craft beer, which is […]

Braxton’s Plan To Fill Your Fridge – Garage Beer

There are beers for every situation and mood that you happen to have as a craft beer drinker.  We are blessed to live in a city with enough breweries to provide beers for every one of those situations (and even some that you didn’t know you needed a beer for).  It’s even more exciting to […]

The Nine Giant Anniversary Celebrations Begin, Plus Bottles!

Nine Giant is not pulling the punches for the celebration of their second anniversary.  Hot off the recent announcement of their new expansion (which you can read about here) they are tapping a line up of delicious beers that will have their regulars as well as new visitors salivating.  As if that wasn’t enough – […]