04-17 – Catching Up With The Old Firehouse

It’s hard to believe that when Williamsburg’s Old Firehouse Brewery opened up 3+ years ago, that there were only 15 breweries or so in the Cincinnati area.  We’re now over 50 and it’s an entirely different perspective that you’ll get when you talk to owner Adam Cowan.  The balance of keeping things fresh, and building […]

Cincinnati’s Oktoberfest Beer Roundup – 2018

If you know me, you know I get pretty excited about this time of year.  I love Oktoberfest beer’s and I’m blessed to live in Cincinnati with this extreme fandom for the big, malty, German beers that this city goes crazy for every fall.  Unlike pumpkin beer (which we’re going to be talking about before […]

This Year’s Fifty Fest Can Revealed

It’s become a yearly tradition in Cincinnati – not just Fifty Fest itself, but the entire process of heading out and getting your ‘Golden Ticket’.  We finally have our answer to the question of what this year’s release will be – and I wanted to give you my thoughts on why the whole concept is […]

MadTree’s Next Member Of The High Series!

MadTree’s latest can is coming – and it’s a new member of their awesome ‘High Series’. Meet Dorado High before it enters your beer fridge soon. 9.5% and packed full of tropical and stone fruit flavors (I assume…) I can’t wait to try this one for myself!

Listermann’s Ten Year Anniversary

Listermann Brewing Company enters into an elite group of local breweries as they celebrate their tenth anniversary this year. To celebrate, they’re throwing a hell of a party, along with bringing back their famous Oktoberfest celebration of local beer. Me? I’m a happy Gnome about this.

Volume 4 Episode 15 – Sonder Brewing Company

This episode of Cincy Brewcast is all about the upcoming Sonder Brewing Company. Explore the stories that make up the brewery that everyone’s going to be talking about this fall. They haven’t cut any corners in building what will be a great destination brewery in Deerfield Township, and we explore why that’s the case.

Fibonacci – Another Year Older… And They’re Growing, Releasing Bottles.

Fibonacci might not really be getting “Bigger”, I think we all know by this point that they’re nano and pretty proud of it. They’re certainly growing a little bit, though.  If your internet connection is working properly and you have been paying attention, I’m sure that you’ve read about their expansion plans by now.  I […]

The Municipal 500

Do you have a dusty old Pinewood Derby car that brought home a few trophy’s back in your illustrious Cub Scout racing days?  Maybe your kids have been building and racing up a storm in their pack and you think you can flex a little ‘Dad Muscle’ and show them a thing or two about […]

Volume 4 Episode 14 – Ohio Brew Week 2018

Ohio Brew Week is in full swing out in Athens, and I made the road trip out to bring some of the action to your podcast feed.  I was graciously joined by Sean White of Little Fish, Cameron Fuller of Devil’s Kettle and Brad Clark from Jackie O’s to sit down and have a great […]

Cincinnati Brings Home Some Medals From The US Open Beer Championships.

I love watching our local breweries bring home recognition for what they do – and it becomes more and more clear with every competition that we’ve got some really fantastic places putting out some of the best beer that has ever come out of Cincinnati. The US Open Beer championship is the only major championship […]

Looking Forward To This Weekends Punch Out? I’ve Got The Beer List!

It’s one of the best beer events in this city, hands down.  It’s certainly one of the most creative too.  On top of it all, the Fifty West Punch Out each year features some of the best, and biggest selections of local beer that you’ll find at any event around town.  I can only assume […]

Taft’s Nebulosity Receives A Receipe Tweak And Heads To Cans?

I love label approvals.  I assume you’ve figured that out if you regularly browse this website, as you’ll see them pop up from time to time followed by a post full of exclamation points.  This one fits right into that really excited category, because I think that Taft’s is one of the most underrated breweries […]