04-31 – Dark Charge Day!

There are a lot of beer releases in Cincinnati.  It’s the great part of having as many breweries that we do – you get a lot of beer to go along with that.  It also means that when there are releases or events that are “different”, they stand out that much more than they would […]

Cincinnati Beer Release Roundup – December 2018

It’s another new month, which means another full list of beer releases that you most likely are having a hard time keeping up with!  No worries Cincinnati… the Gnome is here to help with that!  I keep a running list each month of every packaged release from one of our fantastic breweries around town.  I […]

Cincinnati’s Beer Community Brews Up Resilience

I get all teary-eyed and warm inside when I get to write posts like this.  For something as terrible as the wildfires that are beating the living shit out of California to bring forth anything that resembles happiness is definitely saying something major.  These are the times that we are reminded what this industry community is […]

Volume 4 – Episode 30 – Sam Adams, Going Solo

Sam Adams has opened their Cincinnati taproom (as you remember reading about, I’m sure).  And there are a lot of questions about what it’s like.  I take tonights quick, solo show as an opportunity to answer those questions, drink a couple beers and get some audio out to you that I’ve been itching to for […]

Prepare Yourself For Braxton’s 2018 Dark Charge Release.

I am the leader of the movement to get Dark Charge Day officially made a national holiday for a couple of simple reasons.  First – I love this beer.  As an open lover of big, roasty, chocolatey stouts – this one is definitely one of the best in the city.  When you pair an incredible […]

Volume 4, Episode 29 – Urban Artifact’s Epicurean Release… and Sip, Slamming And Dumping Our Way To Podcast Gold.

Things never go as expected at Urban Artifact, and I say that in the best way possible.  The shows are always packed full of some of my favorite moments from the podcast, and this episode doesn’t let up at all.  We dig into some of this week’s upcoming releases from Urban, chat a little bit […]

Urban Artifact’s Epicurean Thanksgiving Release 2018 – and Bon Vivant Northside

I love,  love, LOVE these releases from Urban Artifact.  Their barrel aged series of spontaneously fermented beers has been insane, already, and when you couple that up with the creativity that gets thrown in the mix with these – I’m in heaven. UA is putting together not just a really big, and fun bottle releases, […]

Bircus Taproom/Bigtop Finally Sets Opening Date

There is a large number of people that when you first tell them about the Ludlow, Kentucky based circus/brewery hybrid known as ‘Bircus’ want to tell you about how it’s a gimmick.  I won’t argue that, and I don’t think that the head clown on duty, also known as Paul Miller (he’s actually a former […]

Mt. Carmel’s Carriage House Opens This Week

Mt. Carmel defines what it means to be an OG in Cincinnati’s craft beer community.  Not only have they been brewing since well before most of the people that fill the average taproom were able to legally drink, but they also do it differently than anyone else does. The taproom atmosphere at Mt. Carmel is […]

Grainworks Keeps Spreading It’s Wings – 2019 Is Going To Be Big

The first year of business has been a great one for Grainworks.  As a new brewery, you get to open your doors, introduce people to your brand and your beer, and you get to showcase why you should become their go-to spot (or at least one in the rotation of go-to spots).  You get to […]

Fifty West Releases Part Two Of Their “A Long Strange Journey” Series.

The latest Hazy IPA to hit cans at the Fifty West production facility is set to do so as the second installment of their “A Long Strange Journey” series.  The beer is called ‘Lemon’ – and if you managed to snag a pint of this sucker when it was on tap around town, you’ll know […]

Why You Should Be Excited About Sam Adams

It’s the giant beast that has lurked on Central Parkway for years, barely getting a mention in craft beer geek circles not because they didn’t make good beer, but because they were big.  It’s easy to turn a blind eye to the brewery that has always been there, in every beer cooler and on every […]