Braxton’s Ambitious Plans To Stay The Same – While Adding A $5Million Expansion Including A Rooftop

There are a lot of people who will tell you that growing your company, and in turn, changing your business is hard. If you want to know the real truth, though, constant growth and change while trying to keep it all grounded in the existence of who you are as people, as a brand, as […]

Fibonacci – Another Year Older… And They’re Growing, Releasing Bottles.

Fibonacci might not really be getting “Bigger”, I think we all know by this point that they’re nano and pretty proud of it. They’re certainly growing a little bit, though.  If your internet connection is working properly and you have been paying attention, I’m sure that you’ve read about their expansion plans by now.  I […]

Volume 04 – Episode 10 – Fibonacci Is Growing, Meet Fib Farm!

The last year or year and a half has been really fun if you enjoy watching breweries grow, and who doesn’t?  We’re seeing how each of our local breweries expands and evolves, with new locations, bigger taprooms etc.  Fibonacci is no exception to that with their announcement of the addition of a beer garden, an […]

Nine Giant Expands In Their Neighborhood With Second Location

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this news… Do I consider it an expansion, a second location, an experimental space? A warehouse for aging beer?  I think it’s a little bit of a it all, though – which is why I’m really thrilled to see it come to life this year. The Plans […]

Urban Artifact Expands To Bring More Funky, Tart, Weirdness To Cincinnati and Beyond!

Urban Artifact was told that their goofy idea of starting a wild and tart only brewery in Cincinnati Ohio wouldn’t work.  Palates here weren’t developed enough, the niche wasn’t big enough, and I mean – how good can you actually be to compete with the breweries around the world that have been doing this sort […]

Braxton Starts Distribution To Columbus, Ohio

It’s hard to believe the growth that Braxton has seen in the short (almost) 3 years since they opened their doors.  It seems like it was just yesterday that the announcement was made that the brewery would start sending it’s beer over the river into Ohio.  Things keep progressing along the meteoric path that they […]

MadTree Moves Down South To Tennesee

Joining their local brethren Rivertown and Braxton, you will soon be able to snag your favorite beers from MadTree down in Nashville.  The brewery just announced their move into the Volunteer State via their social media platforms. The brewery signed up with Ajax Turner Company in the Nashville metropolitan area to begin distributing their beers […]

Bad Tom Smith’s Second Taproom in Ohio City Opens

Bad Tom Smith has been trying to get their second taproom up in Ohio City open for a while now… and they’ve had some pretty major hurdles thrown in their way this year to make that goal an extremely rewarding one I can imagine. Newlyweds John and Sheryl (congrats guys!!!) have one more thing to […]

Vol 03 – Episode 12 – Bad Tom Smith and Brew City Brats

We’ve talked before about Bad Tom Smith – actually, I love talking about them. (You can read some of the posts I’ve written about the brewery to get a better idea why). They personify the story of redemption that their namesake Bad Tom had at the end of his life.  From a brewery that was […]

Bad Tom Smith, Progress and Growth

I am endlessly excited to watch Bad Tom Smith as they grow and change.  I can assume that you have heard about some of the issues that they’ve had in the past, and I’m also certain that there are some of you that have written them off based on what you’re friends or other beer […]

Vol 03 – Episode 07 – Braxton Labs, It’s Braxton…But Very Different

Braxton Brewing Company opened up their second location, and they did it in a way that is unheard of here in Cincinnati.  They didn’t go bigger, they went smaller, purchasing the old Ei8ht Ball space located inside the party source.  What sort of show would this be if we didn’t get them to sit down […]

Meet Taft’s Ale House’s Core Can Lineup – UPDATED 5/8/17

The move into the new production space still hasn’t happened (though its close!) yet we’re starting to get a glimpse at what the massive expansion project is going to mean for Taft’s Ale House, in Cincinnati and well beyond. The biggest thing that you’re going to see once the brewery starts making beer in the […]