Cincy Brewcast Volume 4 Episode 34 – Cincinnati Beer History

Take a breath, as we dive this week down the deep rabbit hole of where it all started, and how beer got to where it is in Cincinnati. I was lucky enough to be invited to Boone County’s Library to give a talk about beer. If you’ve never tried to compress 220 years of brewing […]

It’s Good To Be King – Especially When You’re Celebrating Your 60th Anniversary!

I love Little Kings, and not in an ironic “my Grandpa drank this” way, either.  I love Little Kings because they are delicious, little green bottles of happiness.  The beer has been around now for 60 years, and Christian Moerlein is planning a bunch of events not just help us Little King geeks celebrate our […]

They’re Still Not Done: A New Christian Moerlein Can

I love lagers.  Not that they are “better” than the ales that got me into craft beer in the first place, but there is still something about an easy drinking, smooth beer that provides a solid thirst quenching glass of refreshment.  I keep hoping that we’re going to get a brewery that opens to focus […]

Are You ‘Thirsty 4 History’? – I’ve got good news for you!

For the second year in a row, the Great Milford Area Historical Society is launching an event that satisfies a couple different urges… the desire to learn a little more about local history, and the urge to drink some fantastic local beers alongside it.  ‘Thirsty 4 History’ was a big hit last year, and they’re […]

Touring The Past and The Present with Cincy Brew Bus

If you’ve yet to experience one of our local brewery tours via the busses that you’ve more than likely seen driving around from taproom to taproom – I can vouch that it’s worth booking a tour ASAP, even if you’re a “Veteran Cincy Beer Geek”. Every one of our local brewery tour companies does a […]

Thirsty For History?

If you’ve never been to the Promont museum in Milford, Ohio you’re missing out.  The museum is located in the historic Promont mansion, high atop a hill overlooking Milford, and is a great place to spend an afternoon.  If you’re here, though… Chances are you’re a fan of beer, which is why I’m going to […]

Momentum is Building – The Cincinnati Brewing Heritage Trail

Our city has had problems in it’s history, I don’t think there is any ignoring that fact.  To understand those problems, why they existed and how they could have been prevented isn’t something that I would dare to tackle on a beer blog.  I’m more interested in the future of this city, a future that […]

The Cincinnati Brewing Heritage Trail Taking Shape

There are few cities in this country that can take as much pride as Cincinnati in their brewing heritage.  We are a city that has beer running through it’s veins.  It seems like a lifetime ago that the Brewery District Neighborhood Urban Redevelopment Corporation announced it’s plans to establish a trail around Over The Rhine […]