Cincinnati Beer Release Roundup – November, 2018

I hope you know this drill by now.  Cincinnati is bursting at the seams with beer releases, and as a fellow beer geek I understand the desire to know about what’s dropping each week.  I also understand how difficult it is to keep track of it all.  That’s why I’m here, folks… to ease some […]

This Year’s Fifty Fest Can Revealed

It’s become a yearly tradition in Cincinnati – not just Fifty Fest itself, but the entire process of heading out and getting your ‘Golden Ticket’.  We finally have our answer to the question of what this year’s release will be – and I wanted to give you my thoughts on why the whole concept is […]

Braxton’s Newest Cans Bring Them Into The Cider Game

Braxton Brewing Company never really hid the fact that they were extremely interested in the cider market.  They’ve been slowly releasing the results of their experimentation with it recently, and it shouldn’t be a huge surprise to you if you’ve been watching that their next packaged product is ready to go – and that it’s […]

It’s Time! West Side Brewing’s Cans Are Ready For Your Beer Fridge.

If you’ve been playing along with the packaging release game, you’ll remember that I told you that it was only a matter of time before we would be seeing Westwood’s West Side Brewing getting their packaging off the line and into your hands.  Just in time for your summer barbecues, pool parties and backyard gatherings […]

West Side Brewing – Here Come The Cans!

The move into packaging for a new brewery is a big one.  It’s a special moment in the timeline of that brewery, and one that I feel should be celebrated.  Gone are the days where you can only get your beer into places that offer draft sales.  No more are you confined to drinking your […]

Rhinegeist Stryker, Even More Rhinegeist Canning News

I know you, craft beer drinker.  Say what you will when you’re sitting with your buddies drinking your barrel aged sours, you still love your IPAs.  You still really love those Imperial IPAs too, don’t you?  Stryker is a really good one if I’m onto what you like to drink with this statement… and the […]

Fifty West Cans, Distribution, A New Generation

It’s an exciting time for anyone who has been drinking craft beer in Cincinnati for a while.  The more that I think about it, actually, it’s an exciting time for anyone who drinks beer in Cincinnati, period.  For those of you who have found places around town that you call your “spot”, that you frequent […]

I Hope You Like NE IPAs, Moerlein Has A Big, Hazy One Coming…

If there’s anything that shows just how powerful ‘IPA’ is as a style, it’s the number of beer styles that have sprung up “off of” the traditional IPA style.  The latest in the trend seems to clearly be NE IPAs.  Love them or hate them, they’re hear to stay.  The style is also clearly here […]

The Original Braxton Labs NEIPA 001 Set To Hit Cans

Braxton Labs is all about experimentation.  It’s the entire purpose of the brewery – to innovate, play around and be creative.  That doesn’t mean, however, that the brewery doesn’t listen to their loyal fans about what they like and want when it comes to packaging and even new beers that are going to come out. […]

Rhinegeist Introduces Astro Dwarf, and a few favorites hit the shelves too.

There are a few new goodies coming in the very near future from OTR’s Rhinegeist Brewing.  No… this isn’t a massive Gondola that will traverse OTR (The latest off the Rhinegeist rumor mill if you haven’t heard).  Instead this is two new packaging debuts, and one returning favorite. Astro Dwarf Finally Lands Finally!!! Remember when […]

FigLeaf Is Adding Wine, and Cans!

FigLeaf Brewing Company isn’t even yet to their first anniversary, and they’re already poised to knock out a couple of their big goals in the near future.  The brewery which is located almost smack dab in between Cincinnati and Dayton is quickly finding not only ways to make themselves a destination for drinkers from both […]

Braxton is Buzzing With Another New Can

Here they go again… Braxton still isn’t letting up off the packaged beer gas pedal, yet.  They fired out news this morning that they’d be releasing yet another can off their packaging line for the summer, and this one has my house ‘Buzzing’ with excitement. The latest one to be shown is called ‘Buzz’, and […]