Volume 4, Episode 24 – Little Miami Brewing Company

This week finds Cincy Brewcast recording on location, deep in the heart of Olde Milford.  We are finally sitting down with the folks from Little Miami Brewing Company to talk about who they are, and why you need to stop by their brewpub soon. The brewery is built to fit in with Milford’s already existing […]

Volume 4 – Episode 23 – Back In Studio With Craft Beer Joe and Raging Hop

There will always be something special (and fun) about getting back “in studio”.  It reminds me of how we started this show, just sitting around a table drinking a few beers and talking about what’s happening in our craft beer community.  Without a couple of friends to drink with, though – it just wouldn’t work, […]

Volume 4 – Episode 22 – Getting To Know You: The Common Beer Company

I LOVE seeing new breweries open up.  I’m sure that you’ve picked up on that by now – haven’t you?  Getting to know new people, and seeing how they put their spin on something that is so important to not just me, but to people all across Cincinnati is exciting.  Watching places grow over the […]

Volume 4 – Episode 19 – Bringing Back Rivertown

Not that they’ve ever gone away, but it’s been far too long since we’ve had Rivertown Brewing Company on Cincy Brewcast, and it’s time to remedy that situation!  It’s fitting that at the same time they are not only on a absolute tear with not just new beers, but bringing back crowd pleasing favorites as […]

Volume 4 – Episode 17 – Catching Up With The Old Firehouse

It’s hard to believe that when Williamsburg’s Old Firehouse Brewery opened up 3+ years ago, that there were only 15 breweries or so in the Cincinnati area.  We’re now over 50 and it’s an entirely different perspective that you’ll get when you talk to owner Adam Cowan.  The balance of keeping things fresh, and building […]

Volume 04 – Episode 11 – Fifty West, Prepping For Punch Out

There’s a lot to talk to Fifty West about… and I suppose that’s partially my fault for not having a chance to sit down with them on the show for about a year.  Of course, it’s also their fault for having a TON of stuff going on at all times.  From some big medal wins, […]

Volume 04 – Episode 09 – All The Drinks! On Location at March First.

It’s been far too long since the brewcast has visited Cincinnati’s first brewery/cidery/distillery, March First. Since our last visit, the taproom has opened and the brewery has started to grow into a fantastic addition to our craft beer scene here in Cincinnati – but how does it all work?  We sat down with the folks […]

Volume 04 – Episode 08 – What’s Happenin’ Cincy?

There’s always a ton of things going on in this city, events… releases… beer drama.  It doesn’t matter which week you explore, each one is as exciting as the previous.  This is what makes an episode like this fun.  Due to a short notice cancellation, I had to scramble to put this show together (without […]

Volume 4 – Episode 7 – A Long Awaited Flight At Alexandria Brewing Company

It seems like we’ve been waiting for this to happen forever, but Alexandria Brewing Company has opened their doors for business, and it’s time that the Brewcast sat down with Andy and Brad for a flight of beers – their beers!  The topic of conversation drifted from the beers themselves, to the way that Alexandria […]

Volume 4 – Episode 6 – Getting Loud With Fretboard

If you haven’t heard about Fretboard lately, you haven’t been paying attention.  They’ve been making a whole bunch of noise locally with not just a couple big personnel pickups, but with a tap lineup that gets people talking with a near perfect mix of traditional styles and fun boundary pushing flavors.  They’re only six months […]

Volume 4 – Episode 5 – The Solo Studio Ramble

I always feel like a fish out of water when I’m trying to throw a last minute show together.  Couple that up with the face that this week’s episode is a “solo show” and what you get is a short version of the brewcast, filled with a bit of rambling.  I did manage to crack […]

Volume 04 – Episode 02 – In Studio With Mrs Gnome

This was a test of some new streaming stuff that I’m working on, and we fired up Instagram live from our dining room after a long weekend out of town, with a sick baby (and a sick gnome) to drink a couple beers and talk about what’s been happening in the latest Cincy Beer releases. […]