West Side And Their Annual Barleywine Release

If you’re a geek… of the beer variety, there are few things that are more fun than getting together with a few of your fellow geeks and cracking open a few beers. It’s science. More friends + more beer = more fun. What absolutely blows this away in ‘funness’ is when you all get together […]

Cincinnati’s Oktoberfest Beer Roundup – 2018

If you know me, you know I get pretty excited about this time of year.  I love Oktoberfest beer’s and I’m blessed to live in Cincinnati with this extreme fandom for the big, malty, German beers that this city goes crazy for every fall.  Unlike pumpkin beer (which we’re going to be talking about before […]

Christian Moerlein Releasing ‘77 Winter

I hate the winter.  The cold, the frosted car windows, slippery sidewalks, the death of outdoor drinking… just writing about it makes me shiver.  The winter brings with it, though, some of my favorite seasonal happenings.  I love the Christmas season, I love looking at snow outside of the window, Christmas decorations, I love being […]

Filling Urban Artifact’s Mystery Void With Owler

When Urban Artifact announced their ‘Flash Lamp’, Tart Wit Ale (you can read about that beer here) it left a noticeable void in their can releases for the year.  They were keeping their lips sealed about what might be filling it, and if my guess is correct, I think we now know what that beer […]

The 2017 Cincinnati Oktoberfest Beer Rundown

It’s hard to believe that it’s that time of year already, but alas, here we find ourselves winding down summer, and prepping for the winter season, which although brings forth depression about the approaching cold (at least with me…) it also brings forth one of my favorite things – an onslaught of seasonal beers!  For […]

Urban Artifact Keypunch

Brewery – Urban Artifact Beer – Keypunch ABV – 4.3% PH – 3.4 A Gose infused with the juice and zest of fresh key limes.  Light, crisp, key lime pie flavors are the perfect companion for the hot days of summer. If you have yet to drink a few of these beers sitting next to […]

Braxton’s Next Can? Summertrip.

I feel like everytime my brain thinks of a Braxton beer that I’d like in my fridge they announce that it’s going to be hitting the canning line that same afternoon.  They’ve been absolutely tearing it up in the packaging department so far in 2017 (and the rumor is that they still aren’t done with […]

Mt. Carmel Hops and Wheat

Brewery – Mt Carmel Beer – Hops and Wheat Style – Hoppy Wheat ABV – 4.8% IBUs – 34 Bright, citrusy and hoppy, this wheat ale salutes the flavor of the American hop and gives way to a smooth refreshing finish. One thing that you can count on when it comes to Mt Carmel – […]

Cincinnati’s 2017 Bock Beer Rundown

As the seasons shift (or as we anticipate the seasonal shift) here in Cincinnati, so comes a new batch of seasonal beer for our drinking pleasure.  Bock beer is beloved here in town, after all, we’re host to the biggest bockfest in the nation… maybe even in the world.  It only makes sense that the beer […]

Rivertown Winter

Brewery – Rivertown Beer – Winter Ale Style – Winter Ale ABV – 7.5% Winter Ale is a big, bold, thick bodied ale brewed with molasses and cinnamon. It has a creamy head, robust hue, and rich bold flavor. No matter what has happened with Rivertown, through changes of branding, ownership shakeups, moves, etc.  one […]

Mt. Carmel Harvest Ale

Brewery – Mt. Carmel Beer – Harvest Ale Style – ESB ABV – 5.8% IBUs – 55.6 Pay homage to the harvest with this smooth, full bodied, well-balanced ESB delivering a memorable dry hop finish. Pumpkin beers… I love you.  Oktoberfest lagers, you make my heart sing every fall.  There comes a point, though, that […]

2016 Cincinnati Pumpkin Beer Roundup

One of my favorite parts about the fall is the seasonal beer – I talked about it a bit with Oktoberfest beers, and then with the “true fall seasonal” wet hop beers.  There’s one more fall seasonal beer that we need to talk about – Pumpkin Beers! Threre are quite a few of these beers […]