Cincinnati’s 2018 Brewery Holiday Hours

I understand the struggle.  You’ve got friends in town, family that you’re either trying to entertain (or get away from) and you want to hit up a taproom or four.  You already know about my brewery chart that shows you all our taproom’s normal hours – but as we get thrown into the hectic holiday […]

Bircus Taproom/Bigtop Finally Sets Opening Date

There is a large number of people that when you first tell them about the Ludlow, Kentucky based circus/brewery hybrid known as ‘Bircus’ want to tell you about how it’s a gimmick.  I won’t argue that, and I don’t think that the head clown on duty, also known as Paul Miller (he’s actually a former […]

Mt. Carmel’s Carriage House Opens This Week

Mt. Carmel defines what it means to be an OG in Cincinnati’s craft beer community.  Not only have they been brewing since well before most of the people that fill the average taproom were able to legally drink, but they also do it differently than anyone else does. The taproom atmosphere at Mt. Carmel is […]

3 Points Urban Brewery Opens This Weekend

I am fairly confident that this isn’t new information to most of you – It’s been hard to miss the social media flurry from 3 Points and the fans that they’ve already gained.  Still, I wanted to make sure that you knew that this weekend is the Grand Opening of the brewery, anyways.  There is also […]

Sam Adams – The Taproom Is Coming!

Every time beer geeks in Cincinnati get together and talk about Sam Adams, there’s bound to be a couple of things that you’ll hear.  #1 – Someone is going to talk about how underrated this brewery is, and how surprised they were the last time they picked up something from them.  #2 – Someone is […]

Bad Tom Smith’s Second Taproom in Ohio City Opens

Bad Tom Smith has been trying to get their second taproom up in Ohio City open for a while now… and they’ve had some pretty major hurdles thrown in their way this year to make that goal an extremely rewarding one I can imagine. Newlyweds John and Sheryl (congrats guys!!!) have one more thing to […]

Moerlein Is Opening A ‘Mini Malt House’ At CVG

I love seeing our local beer represented around town in more “touristy” places.  In a move that I can get behind, Christian Moerlein will soon have a nice presence in concourse A at CVG as was reported by the Cincinnati Business Courier. The new restaurant should open next May, and they’ll serve up not just […]

What In The World Is Up With Listermann?

If you haven’t been to Listermann Brewing’s taproom in the last 6 months or so… you’re in for a surprise the next time you do.  Things certainly look quite a bit different there.  But the changes aren’t all as visible as the up-to-date taproom is. Best of Show I don’t imagine that it’s easy to […]