DogBerry Celebrates Four Years – And A Bottle Release

If you have asked me for a brewery recommendation in the recent past, I can almost guarantee that I have told you that you need to hit up DogBerry in West Chester. It’s not just that I think they’re making some really great stuff lately (which I do), I think it’s insane to talk to […]

Grainworks Keeps Spreading It’s Wings – 2019 Is Going To Be Big

The first year of business has been a great one for Grainworks.  As a new brewery, you get to open your doors, introduce people to your brand and your beer, and you get to showcase why you should become their go-to spot (or at least one in the rotation of go-to spots).  You get to […]

Grainworks Celebrates One Year

Has it really been a year since Grainworks opened their door in West Chester?  This anniversary is a fun one, coming right as the brewery is gearing up for some really fun growth that is going to do a lot for their taproom experience. Grainworks is helping to revive the rich brewing heritage of the […]

Volume 3 – Episode 29 – DogBerry. Cans, Haze, And Staying The Same

It’s been way too long since I’ve done a show at West Chester’s DogBerry Brewing Company.  This brewery has been a fun one to watch over the last year, as they’ve grown from being a nano brewery into a neighborhood gathering spot, pumping out 20 unique taps from their shiny new 10bbl brewhouse, and they’re […]

Grainworks Brewing Announces Their Grand Opening

I’ve been telling anyone who cares to listen (especially the people who claim that our craft beer “bubble” is bursting” that this year, especially the last half, is going to be unlike anything that this city has seen yet for brewery openings.  We’ve already seen 8 breweries open their taprooms this year, and we’re set […]

Join The DogBerry Mug Club

Things are moving along at the new DogBerry location in West Chester, and fans of the soon to be not-so-nano brewery are clamoring for more.  The brewery has decided to put out a Mug Club program for their loyal drinking fans (something that they should have done a long time ago).  The program is clearly designed […]

Get Your Golf On, The Brewer’s Open Charity Golf Classic Is Coming!

One of the biggest things that makes Craft Beer communities tick, is their tie with charity.  It’s part of the reason that I am so drawn to the community, and part of the reason that it does as well as it does.  That doesn’t mean that it cuts out the fun and games entirely though, […]

Cincy Brewcast Volume 2 Episode 10 – Live at DogBerry

Timing just seemed to be perfect to get our podcasting butts back out to West Chester’s DogBerry Brewing again for another live event.  The day of Cincy Brewcast Volume 2 Episode 10 had been a busy one for the brewery… The news about their expansion had finally broken – right here coincidentally, and they (DogBerry’s […]

A Nano Grows Up – A DogBerry Expansion And Move is Coming!

I can’t say that I’m particularly surprised to see this news from DogBerry, It’s sort of been their destiny from the get go that they’d be forced to grow. It’s their fans that do their damndest every week to drink the brewery dry, after all.  If you look back to their opening weekend in early 2015, […]

DogBerry is Tapping Valor #71 Collaboration

Beer is about something much bigger that what goes into the glass when you belly up to a bar.  If there is anything that sums up why I do this blogging thing, I think that’s probably it.  This big picture of why the craft beer industry is so different than anything else that I’ve ever […]

DogBerry’s 1st Anniversary Party

They may be small…but nano breweries will start to shape what our beer scene is going to look like in the coming years.  DogBerry may not technically be the first nano in Cincinnati… but they were certainly the first to get people talking about “nano brewing” and probably the first to really get people thinking […]

Cincy Brewcast Volume 1 Episode 4 – DogBerry Brewing

If you haven’t read about it on social media yet… I have started working with some wonderful people on a podcast.  I know there are already quite a few craft beer podcasts around, but after a night (and a few beers) we realized that there was a need for Cincinnati Beer to have it’s very […]