All About Tap And Screw Brewpub

Tap and ScrewWhat Makes Tap and Screw Special?

The obvious thing about Tap and Screw is that it’s the West Side’s first taste of a craft brewery.  There are clearly a  lot of craft drinkers on the West side of town, and they have been itching for a place to call their own for quite some time.  Tap and Screw is hopefully that place.  They opened with the hope that they would become a restaurant that would dispel some myths about what the West side is, and isn’t.  They hope to have a place where customers can get great local beer… fresh food options and to maintain a close knit community atmosphere throughout it all.  It’s your neighborhood bar that just happens to brew beer and serve locally sourced fresh food all the while.

Tap and Screw BrewingThe Space

It’s a bar…that’s for sure about the space.  Tap and Screw is designed as a place for you to go out and drink on an evening after work.  There is a full bar in addition to the beer selection.  A huge garage door on one side of the building will be wonderful as the weather gets warmer to let the outside into the space a bit.  With this being an operating bar before becoming a brewery, and saying open throughout the process there is going to be an understandable adjustment period, I can’t wait to see what this evolves into as it hits its stride.

The Beers

Tap and Screw brews several of their own beers, with more being added on a regular basis.  With beers such as an ESB, the standard IPA (Theirs being a more approachable version… not a monster hop bomb), a Kolsch, along with a Rye… a Belgian Dubbel and a Porter they have a beer to match any beer drinker’s palate.  Nothing over the top, you won’t find any massive wild beers here, but that’s not always a bad thing.



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