Wiedemann Oktoberfest

Wiedemanns-OktoberfestBrewery- Wiedemann’s
Beer- Oktoberfest
Style- Oktoberfest
ABV- 5.6%

Wiedemann’s Oktoberfest is our toasty rendition of the Marzen-style lagers traditionally brewed for the world-famous beer festival in Munich, Germany. It’s malty, flavorful refreshment for a perfect fall day in your garden – morning, noon or night

Though, their beers aren’t always brewed locally quite yet, Wiedemann strives very hard to stick to the tradition of their Bavarian Roots.  This is no exception to that as a traditional German Lagered Oktoberfestbier.

My Take On Wiedemann’s Oktoberfest

This pours a very nice red color with a big tan head on it.  It’s beautiful in the glass for certain, and the rich malty aromas that lift from the top of the glass are perfect for a fall evening.

The taste is light and refreshing, with a kiss of spicy German hops that is balanced by the rich nutty bread of the malt.  This beer is clean, refreshing and an easy drinker – perfect for putting a few back while celebrating with friends, family- or hell… strangers gathered around a communal table.  It’s Oktoberfest after all!



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