Cincy Brewcast Volume 1 Episode 6 – The Craft Draft


Ahhhhh… football season approaches.  I’ll admit that we are still quite a bit off from this wonderful time of year, but it kicks off this week and we at the Cincy BrewCast felt that we needed to pay homage to this yearly event in our own way.  Enter… the Craft Draft.

The premise is this: We pick our favorite beers…mostly local – sort of. We tried to pick a selection of styles, a varying amount of breweries and both core and seasonal/special release beers.  It sounds really simple, but as we soon discovered, it’s not.  24 beers isn’t enough to represent all that we consider “favorites”.

From The Beer Fridge

Before we dove into the draft, we did our normal tasting segment with a few beers, two locals, and one regional:

  • Rivertown – Insurrection – This is the latest offering from Rivertown, a big 8.5% Imperial IPA from Rivertown Brewing.  This beer was unanimously agreed to be a great offering from the brewery.  Something that will fit into their portfolio perfectly with their new big sour presence…pleasing their customer base that still wants something a little more “traditional”.
  • Great Crescent – Cherry Ale – A Farmhouse-style ale from the often overlooked brewery across the border in Aurora, this beer has a nice addition of fresh cherries that really sits well in the farmhouse style. (you can read my take on it here)
  • Listermann’s – Idle Mild – English mild ales are proof that there is so much more to beer than hops.  We tasted Listermann’s Idle Mild and good lord… It was tasty! Hail to the malt!
  • Jackie O’s – Pilsaaz – We’ve talked about this beer week after week and finally got a growler “in studio” to sample.  This was fresh, clean and a little fruity.  A perfect beer as we enter into the warmer season.

The Craft Draft

Jumping right into our show topic after the tasting segment, we drafted our beers.  Taking turns we selected our “team” of beer alternating rounds of core beer and specialty beer.  Without further ado: The 2015 Cincy BrewCast draft class.

  • Rhinegeist – Truth (read my take here)
  • MadTree – Identity Crisis
  • Taft’s Ale House – Rookwood Mosaic Lager
  • Blank Slate – Turn for the Wurst, Sausage Spiced Oktoberfest
  • MadTree – Sprye (read my take here)
  • Mt. Carmel – Summer Wheat Ale (read my take here)
  • Rivertown – Divergent Berliner Weisse (read my take here)
  • Listermann’s – Nutcase Peanut Butter Porter (read my take here)
  • Jackie O’s – Firefly Amber
  • Christian Moerlein – Zeppelin Bavarian Pale Ale (read my take here)
  • Braxton Brewing – Blown Gasket, Robust Porter
  • MadTree – Bourbon Barrel Aged Axis Mundi
  • Bad Tom Smith – Black Kettle Stout
  • Mt. Carmel – Imperial IPA
  • Urban Artifact – Finn, Berliner Pale Ale
  • Listermann’s – White Death
  • Rhinegeist – Saber Tooth Tiger
  • Rivertown – Old Sour Cherry Porter
  • DogBerry – Wildfire IPA
  • Warped Wing – Self Starter Session IPA
  • Old Firehouse Brewing – Code3 Red
  • MadTree – Sol Drifter (read my take here)
  • Founder’s – All Day Session IPA
  • Fifty West – Bourbon Barrel Aged Our Mother’s Advice

After a long draft… we kept discussing all the beers that we wanted to include that didn’t make the cut, and came up with a taxi squad six pack of a few honorable mentions:

  • Braxton – Sparky, Hoppy Wheat
  • Triple Digit – Chickow! (read my take here)
  • Paradise – All American IPA
  • Ei8ht Ball – Reintarnation
  • Cellar Dweller – Dead Dweller
  • Christian Moerlein – Northern Liberties IPA

Whew.  One thing is for sure.  I think that we all agreed that if we walked into a bar with this tap line-up we’d be very pleased, and although there were a couple breweries locally that didn’t make it into the list, and after a brief cider debate it was decided that they weren’t allowed, I think this turned out perfect!  A great podcast is in the bag, make sure you listen on soundcloud, and visit the website at  If you aren’t already, follow the BrewCast on Facebook, Twitter and Untappd.




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