MadTree Citra High

MadTree Citra HighBrewery- MadTree
Beer- Citra High
ABV- 10.2%
IBU- “High”

Explore new worlds of flavor as two American hops collide to create waves of tropically dank flavors

Just like it’s brother, the delicious Galaxy High, this is a big…no… Massive IPA that pleases the palate of any hophead who craves that bitter bite of the little flower that makes beer what it is.  When you pour a glass of Citra High, you are immediately caught by the dank and tropical flavors that assault your nose from the get go.

This beer is beautiful in the glass, a light golden color with a big sticky head on it.  But aside from the visual aesthetic you are immediately drawn to the beer by the hop aromas.  Taking a sip of this monster brings you immediately to a warm summer afternoon.  Beautiful citrus…grapefruit and a sticky bit of resin fills your mouth with each sip.  The finish is wonderful, leaving your mouth with a full flavor of light grassiness and earthy fullness.

This might very well be one of my favorite IPAs in the city.  I promise you that if you enjoy hops, you won’t be disappointed if you buy this when you see it on the shelf or on tap.  Amazing.

MadTree - Citra High



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