Urban Artifact Seasonal Beers Announced

Urban Artifact BrewingIf you have yet to venture down to Northside to see one of Cincinnati’s most unique brewery offerings, you need to head down to Urban Artifact as soon as possible.  They are the first brewery in the city to offer only Wild and Tart beer.  The uniqueness of what they are doing is evident from the taproom’s location in an old church, to the addition of PH levels of the beer posted on their taplist in place of the now ubiquitous IBU listings that you will find at most breweries.  They have a solid line-up of core beers that is starting to turn on even the most unassuming of beer drinkers to the world of Wild/Tart beers, and this morning they announced via  press release two more offerings:

  • Keypunch – 4.3%abv – Gose with Key Limes Added to it.
  • Clothesline – 5.8%abv – A Farmhouse Rye

These beers also bring forth two beer series that the brewery will be offering:

  • #TapTuesday – This is a series that after being kicked off by the tapping of Keypunch in their taproom on Tuesday, May26th will offer a new keg of beer every single week on Tuesdays in the taproom.
  • Their Farmhouse series.  The Clothesline is the first of their Farmhouse series, which will continue throughout the year and offer a new take on a Farmhouse style that changes with the seasons.

It’s all a vital part of the beer scene here in Cincinnati, and the number one reason that I like to laugh in the face of people who say that we are in an about to burst bubble of craft beer here in Cincinnati.  Urban Artifact has shown that there are parts of craft beer that we as a city haven’t even began to touch.  We have so far to go with our beer, and Urban Artifact has found a road that, although started by what Rivertown Brewing has been doing, was long overdue to be travelled fully.  Get on board!





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