Cincy BrewCast Episode 13


Ahhhh, lucky number thirteen.  If you listened to our live broadcast on Periscope, it would seem that we escaped the unlucky wrath of the number so feared that we build buildings without a floor bearing it’s face. If you’re firing up iTunes, Stitcher Radio or Soundcloud for the first time reading this, though…you’d see that that’s not the case after all.

Oops.  More technical difficulties.  We didn’t know it at the time, but as we sat down to check the final product, we saw that it wasn’t up to par.  I’ll apologize now, and we shall move on, to Episode 13 – “Bollas and Sound Clips, and Spritz… Oh My!”

From The Beer Fridge

If you’ve been listening, you’re starting to get the idea that we always start our shows with a segment called “from the beer fridge” where we sample 3 or 4 different beers that we might have lying around or have been wanting to try.  Of course this show isn’t going to differ from that method.  We sampled four beers, local and one not so local:

  • Rhinegeist – Spritz Berliner Weisse
  • Rhinegeist – T-Rex Black IPA
  • Greenbriar Valley Brewing – Mothman Black IPA
  • Christian Moerlein – Handlebar Double Stout

Everything we tasted was enjoyed, but clearly what stood out to us was the delicious, tart and refreshing Spritz by Rhinegeist.  Cincinnati’s Rhinegeist Brewery has gotten a bit of flack for their love of hoppy beers, and it was refreshing to see that they are brewing stuff that proves that they are not just a one trick pony, but a brewery that has range and talents far beyond making delicious West coast style IPAs.

This Week In Beer

I’m a big fan of this week in beer because of one event that I look forward to all year… Jungle Jim’s International BeerFest.  However we also tacked beer releases from DogBerry, Taft’s Ale House, Braxton Brewing and others and looked at some of the other events that are happening around town this week.  It’s pretty crazy to see that week in, and week out there are so many ways for local craft beer fans to get out, meet each other and try some really great beers around town at so many different events.

Fibonacci Brewing

It’s hard to hide the excitement that I, and so many other people here in Cincinnati are feeling about the coming opening of Fibonacci Brewing Company in Mt. Healthy Ohio.  This brewery will embrace the combination of science and math that creates the art of brewing in a way that no other brewery is doing locally.  We took a few minutes to listen to Mike’s interview with Bob Bollas of Fibonacci and then a few more to discuss our thoughts on them.  We look forward to getting to try some of their beers on a future show, and who knows…we may try to broadcast from their taproom one day in the future.

Asked And Answered

This is where we tackle any audience questions, and then ask one of our own… this week the question posed to our listening audience, “What’s the worst beer that you have tried?”  So hit us up on social media with the hashtag #CBCqotw and let us know what that one “bad” beer was for you!

Finally…we ended the show with some great news… another live broadcast!  We had such a blast at Listermann, and when we did our test live show from DogBerry that we knew this was going to have to become a regular thing.  Happily, The Old Firehouse in Williamsburg agreed to be our next location, so mark your calendars… June 29th at the brewery come see us!  We will be answering audience questions…talking and of course, Drinking Beer!



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