Cincy BrewCast Episode 19 – “Eau De Hops”

Oh Lord… have they lost their minds?  Is the CincyBrewcast team really spending an entire show drinking water?

Yes, but relax a little bit, it’s not just water, it’s Hopwater!  But of course water or not, we still have to have some beer to keep our “street cred” which is why we always start with our regular segment:

From The  Beer Fridge

  • MadTree – Shade blackberry gose
  • Millersburg Brewing Company – French Ridge IPA
  • Bad Tom Smith Brewing – All-American IPA

But this show, as much as it’s about beer, is always about trying to show the different sides of this craft industry, so when we  saw the fast rise of craft “hop soda”  Hopwater, we knew that we needed to get them on a show to talk about what they were doing, a few months later:


We sat down with part of the founding crew of Hopwater, Brandon Dawson, Paul Smiley and Tony Moore to delve into why any hop loving craft beer fans would dream of opening a company that focuses on a craft soda.

The conversation at times hit the extremely science-y, like when we talked about how they created hop water… extracting alpha acids and hop tinctures or something… I’ll be honest… I got lost a few times.  I heard a little bit about making the hops less sensitive to light, and some really cool stuff about different places on the tongue that bitterness can register.  They told us that they only left in the acids that hit the front and back of the tongue, leaving the middle area open for the different flavors of the water to reside.

It also went into some extremely useful territory, when we talked about their website and it’s useful “find topwater” section, and their street team – there were a few gems in there that made me start thinking differently about how this website could be set up to make it more useful for Cincinnati beer fans.

And of course, it graced the humor side of conversations also, when we talked about their bearded mascot… the “failed flavor” section of their website and what-not.  We then ventured to a place that as a podcast, I didn’t think we would ever go…


Tina and I spent our weekends a little different than we normally might… running between our beer fridges and our cocktail cabinets to craft a couple of beer-centered cocktails that showcase the versatility of Hopwater.

My cocktail focused on Little Kings, Cincinnati’s famous cream ale… because, why not?  I wanted to create a drink that you could drink a few of, sitting in the sun on one of these warm Cincinnati summer days.   This led me to create the newest hit in the city:  The Gnarly Natty.


Tina also crafted a delicious drink featuring  a Cincinnati Beer, MadTree’s newest offering: Shade, Blackberry Gose.  Her drink used a blackberry and Hopwater simple syrup, and in my opinion really embraced the flavors of the Hopwater, stepping it up while  elevating it to another level.  This is a drink that would be as at home sitting outside by the pool at the tiki bar, as it would in a swanky cocktail bar under dim lights, pretending like you enjoy paying 15 dollars for a drink. There was only one thing missing from her cocktail, which brings us to this weeks question of the week:

PrizesHopwaterAsked and Answered:

Tina’s cocktail needs a name!  Everyone can have the chance to submit their names, and the whomever’s choice reigns supreme will win this week’s prize pack, which is a bunch of Hopwater paraphernalia, so think long and hard and submit it via all our social media platforms (though, you could make it a little easier on us by tagging your post with the Question of the Week hashtag, #CBCqotw which makes it so we can find your entries.)  We will announce the winner on next weeks show, live on Periscope at 8pm.  We’re going to be talking to Scott LaFollette about all things Cincinnati Beer!

Thanks for listening as always, on iTunes, Stitcher, and right here on! Remember… Be Gnarly, Drink Local!

Vist Hopwater online here!



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